Tonight on Dude, Where’s My Karma?: The B2525 Fixer

fallout 3 - Tonight on Dude, Where's My Karma?: The B2525 Fixer

We will we will rock you, but only with your consent because unsolicited chair rocking may lead to whiplash and then you won't have fun using a B2525 Fixer. B2525 means bloodied, 25% faster fire rate, 25% less V.A.T.S AP cost.


  • Fucking loads of em.
  • Barrel: I go for the aligned long barrel due to it's ability to decrease AP cost, and increase mortality control at greater distances.
  • Stock: I've gone for forceful as usual. It hasn't forced me into exposing my most embarrassing secrets, such as having 3 nipples, but that can happen if you aren't careful.
  • Magazine: Kerrang used to be good but a poster scared me when I was young and I won't forgive them for it so I use a quick mag instead.
  • Sight: Not as good as it used to be, my glasses work but they're never clean enough so I need the red dot to decrease V.A.T.S AP cost further for enhanced laziness technique.
  • Muzzle: It only barks at the postman so a silencer will do. I feel dirty when I don't use this in stealth. -Paint: There are none but I'm pretty sure Bethesda are looking into adding preexisting combat rifle skins to it. If someone can link the comment it would be greatly appreciated.


  • It destroys, it wrecks, it's a boss killer but don't kill your boss if you have one because you won't be able to solo Earle from prison.
  • It has a nippy reload. I genuinely think that it can outpace my sneeze windup.
  • It's a glorified combat rifle so many of us will already know how it behaves, but it actually has a higher base age than the CR and the handmade.
  • It doesn't actually fix broken marriages, the government or biscuits that have fallen into tea but it can fix boredom for a solid 20 minutes depending on who you are.
  • It's quite wobbly and 25% faster firerate actually decreases accuracy by 10% so it can misbehave in V.A.T.S but when it hits OH boy.
  • You can't make this a zero V.A.T.S cost weapon, that was patched a while back, but it's close enough so what was the point in the tiny increase to AP cost lol.

Bonus shit:

  • This of course is a stealth weapon, so add Mr. Sandman and Covert Operative (in that order or you get 3.50x damage at night) for 3.75x sneak damage at night, or don't, I'm not telling you how to play the game.
  • Faster movement speed while sneaking, one of the inherent traits of this weapon, doesn't make a difference if you have the speed demon mutation.
  • This thing is everywhere, but it doesn't mean you'll have an easy time trying to trade for one. It's definitely easier to get one of these, I've even given one as part of a giveaway.

I'm currently reviewing generic weapons along with weird weapons as the community seems to be enjoying it so far, so if you have any suggestions on what to review let me know! I've had every kind of legacy so can review those too. I'm hoping I can get around to reviewing a GS gamma gun and a quad assaultron head but for now I have lots of weapons that I can spit bars about in slow motion.

I hope you enjoyed number 3 as much as I did making it, I try to keep em short and sweet but if there's any extra stuff I should add let me know and I'll get to it!

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