Torn between re-playing Fallout 4 or regaining my PS+ membership and playing 76: Need help deciding

fallout 7 - Torn between re-playing Fallout 4 or regaining my PS+ membership and playing 76: Need help deciding

Sorry for the length. This post is only so detailed/lengthy so that I can give you all a window into how I operate and give you more to work with in terms of suggestions. I haven't had much luck at seeking advice from my friends on this, so I've decided to ask a larger population.

So, I've been thinking this over a lot but I'm still really stuck on which I should go for. The current price I could get Fallout 4 at, is the same price it'd be to renew my PS+ for a month. I'm broke, no bully.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Fallout 4 back when I heavily engaged in playing it. Owning all the DLC, I have probably put hundreds of hours into it, whether it be on running random side quests or settlement building. When I was super into 4, I couldn't be pulled from it. Ultimately, though, I have essentially touched on every aspect of the game without much room for growth or exploration. While it has been a while (which creates a small sense of newness), I worry that it won't feel as new or capturing to me.

I have seen some better mods come out for the PS version, though not nearly as satisfying as the ones available for my old console (Xbox) and that does still mildly disappoint me, as someone who is deep into cosmetic modding.


As for Fallout 76, I'm a level 50, still have quite a bit of room for growth, and I've yet to discover a large portion of the map. There appears to be new side-quests and cosmetics available rather regularly, which is enticing to me, and from what I last recall there are always fun (or ridiculous) events to achieve atoms so that I can unlock the pretty things available in the AS. I also like the settlement (camp) aspect of 76, and already have a pretty sweet and satisfying build.

Read:  Bethesda if you work with us on the atom shop maybe you can make more money. Not a flame post.

As far as base-quests go, I have finished neither the Enclave nor the Brotherhood quest lines. I have also yet to complete the main-quest line.

And when it comes to length of time I might play, well, only having a month doesn't really bother me *too* much because I tend to get wrapped up in 76, put it down a while, and re-pick it back up when I'm no longer either worn out or frustrated by it. I also will probably have the $10 to throw at it next month, anyway, to continue membership. So just keep that in mind.

So TLDR:Fallout 4 enthusiasts, please tell me why you still really enjoy 4 and why it may be worth it to pick it up again.

Fallout 76 enthusiasts, please tell me what improvements have been made over the past month, things you enjoy about it, and why it would be worth it to pick it up for another month.

Apologies for the lengthiness, again!

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