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I know this goes against the vast majority of logic but this is how I feel after a rather long time of considering the Trade-Steal glitch (from now on referred to as the “TS Exploit”):

First instinct suggests we should avoid publicizing the inter-workings of the TS exploit in order to prevent its use by the masses. However, after a week of it being fully active and destructive, I propose another solution — we hype the shit out of it.

We need to post a detailed guide about how to avoid the glitch, and what exactly the glitch is (I don´t even not know how it works because the community seems relatively closed about it). There must be someone out there who knows how it works that will spill the secret. The only way to ensure an expedited fix is to make this exploit’s danger and methods explicitly clear to Bethesda and the community. As things currently stand, I fear trading with anyone who I do not know personally. I’ve seen the posts warning of those trading with weapons out.. etc, however I believe it critical to fully detail the inter workings of the exploit to raise awareness.


It is ridiculous that this glitch has persisted for as long as it has. No matter how poorly the trading system may be implemented, its corruption by the TS exploit has destroyed the player – player economy (or at least what there was of a player-player economy, given the dupe glitches running around… still). There is plenty of coverage about the dupe glitch… and it doesn’t even have a direct affect against other players, besides server load, unfairness, etc. Meanwhile, this TS exploit has survived virtually unaddressed. I don’t really give a flying fu*k how someone else plays their game… If you want to dupe, go ahead! If you want to level yourself to 250 faster than I can say grenade bouquet, go ahead! But, if you want to use cheap exploits to take the weapons I spent hours trying to find, its another matter entirely.

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I say we blow the lid off this entire operation, make it so explicitly publicized that no one could feasibly be ignorant to it. We need to push Bethesda to deal with this above all else. Forget server instability and damage glitches (well maybe not the damage glitches… I have some choice words to describe those). What good are stable servers and high damage weapons if someone can just run up to you and steal them?

I’m sure this post will be downvoted all to hell… but I may as well be using the exploit if I don’t make an effort against it.

TDLR: We need to publicize the Trade-Steal Exploit in an effort to get it patched.


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