Treasure Hunter event back soon, plus PTS stuff

fallout 7 - Treasure Hunter event back soon, plus PTS stuff

what s new in the pts updated aug 25?language%5B%5D=en - Treasure Hunter event back soon, plus PTS stuff


Design Updates

Hunt for the Treasure Hunter Returns!

Starting at 12:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, August 26, we’re planning to bring the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event back to the PTS, along with several design changes we’ve made as a result of player feedback.

  • Going forward, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners will now spawn in all regions of Appalachia
  • Treasure Hunter Mole Miners now scale with One Wasteland, up to level 50, and they will drop legendary loot that is leveled appropriately.
    • We’ve separated Treasure Hunter rewards from the Holiday Scorched rewards list, and added a number of new rewards that are exclusive to Treasure Hunter events.
    • Treasure Hunter Mole Miners now have an increased chance to drop Ornate Pails, and players now have an increased chance to get Treasure Hunter exclusive rewards from lower-quality Pails.
  • Additionally, we’ve greatly reduced the Cap prices of Treasure Hunter Pail crafting components that can be purchased from Vendors.


  • Legendary Weapons: The Assassin’s legendary attribute now applies its bonus damage to human NPCs.

Daily Ops

  • New Respawn Locations: We’ve implemented additional respawn points during “Daily Ops: Uplink” and your respawn location will now be randomized among them to reduce the chances of being spawn camped by enemies.
  • Enemy Difficulty: Slightly reduced the difficulty of the first wave of enemies during “Daily Ops: Uplink” to provide a smoother beginning experience.

Bug Fixes

Art & Animation

  • Art: The Super Mutant Firestarter Boss during Daily Ops now uses the correct face texture.
  • Lighting: Corrected lighting issues affecting the inside of the Charleston Capitol Building.


  • Weekly: Scrapping Fertilizer using a Scrap Box now correctly counts toward “Collect Fertilizer” subchallenge progression for the “Gather Building Supplies” Weekly Challenge.


  • Active Camouflage: Fixed an issue that could allow players to see enemies with the Active Camouflage mutator through walls and other cover.
  • Enemy Levels: Fixed an issue that could prevent enemy levels from scaling correctly during Daily Ops instances.
  • Enemy Levels: Fixed an issue preventing enemy levels from scaling up correctly at Rollins Labor Camp.
  • Legendary Creatures: Fixed an issue causing legendary enemies to have lower health than intended if their level had been adjusted by One Wasteland.
  • Pathing: Fixed an issue in which deployed sets of Power Armor could block enemy pathing during Daily Ops.
  • Resilient: During Daily Ops, the Gamma Gun’s radiation damage no longer bypasses the need to last-hit Resilient enemies with melee attacks.
  • Turrets: Turrets in the Pump Station room now correctly target and attack players in non-Daily Ops versions of The Burrows.

  • Volatile: Fixed an issue that could prevent some Volatile enemy explosions from dealing damage to nearby players.


  • Alien Blaster: Players can now correctly switch back to the Standard Grip mod after applying the Sharpshooter Grip.
  • Daily Ops: Reduced the amount of condition damage taken by players’ weapons and armor in Daily Ops instances.
  • Loot: Weapons that players can loot in starting areas, like immediately outside Vault 76 and at the Overseer’s C.A.M.P., now correctly scale down to level 1 for level 1 characters.
  • Loot: Enemies that drop contextual ammo can now correctly drop Arrows, Crossbow Bolts, and 40mm Grenade Rounds instead of random ammo when players kill them with the appropriate weapons.

Legendary Perks

  • Blood Sacrifice: Fixed an issue that could prevent Blood Sacrifice’s effects from applying to teammates.
  • Retribution: Now triggers correctly when blocking enemy Bash attacks.
  • Survival Shortcut: The fanfare that appears when Survival Shortcut’s effects trigger no longer uses placeholder art.


  • Fishbones: No longer flees from nearby hostiles at Ohio River Adventures.

Quests and Events

  • Daily Ops: Vernon Dodge’s voice lines now play correctly during “Daily Ops: Uplink” when speaking with him at Watoga Towers.
  • Daily Ops: Fixed an issue that could cause the player to exit their Power Armor after repairing a Signal Repeater during “Daily Ops: Uplink.”
  • Bring Home the Beacon: Fixed an issue that could prevent this quest from starting correctly after completing “In Case of Emergency.”
  • The Elusive Crane: Fixed an issue that could prevent Sol from going upstairs in the Wayward during certain quest scenes.
  • Waste Management: Quest objectives now update correctly after looting the Mission Brief off the Brotherhood Corpse at The Burrows.


  • Daily Ops: Fixed an issue that could cause a player to enter a separate Daily Ops instance when attempting to join a friend or team that had already started a Daily Op.


  • C.A.M.P.: Sound effects now play correctly when using the “Repair All” option in C.A.M.P.
  • Daily Ops: Added sound effects to the menus that appear after completing Daily Ops.

User Interface

  • Daily Ops: The Daily Ops widget on the Map now correctly updates to display the most current mission details when a world switches to a new Daily Op.
  • Daily Ops: Corrected placeholder text on the second page of the Operation Report that appears at the end of Daily Ops.
  • Hotkeys: Fixed an issue that could cause delays when attempting to use a Stimpak via the “Quick Heal” button.
  • Main Menu: The Season S.C.O.R.E. board option in the Main Menu is has been renamed to “Scoreboard.”

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