True Survival mode idea (sorry for wall of text)

fallout 6 - True Survival mode idea (sorry for wall of text)

Fallout 76 True Survival Mode

A New Start: your survival character will be separate from adventure

Not PVP focused: pvp will be enabled but not the focus of the mode

No Legendary Items: only basic weapons and armor will be available

More in Depth Needs: The need for Food Water and rest will be a huge focus. You will gain debuffs the longer you go without eating, drinking, or sleeping.

More serious diseases: diseases will be more punishing if not taken care of.

Meaningful Weather and Climate: proper clothing will need to be used to protect you from the elements. heat and cold can be just as deadly as a Deathclaw

Player Hosted Server: The server will be hosted by a player and allow for various rules and guidelines to be set up. at the server can then be made public or private to allow players to join

Persistent Structures: camps and workshops build will remain even when the builder logs out.

No build limit or area restrictions: you can build anywhere and can build as much as you want if you have the resources

Greater cost to build: building camp items and structures cost more resources then in adventure

No safe Stash box: Your camp storage box is not safe from others. You can lock it but it can be picked and looted

Each container is its own: containers in your camp are not linked and can hold a specific amount of items

You drop everything on Death: When you die you drop everything and respawn at a train station, vault 76, or your bed.


Perk Card Reworks: Perk card will be more geared twords survival aspects instead of damage. Perks that help you scavenge, survive harsh conditions, and fight off diseases will be more needed then extra damage on your gun.

No more bullet sponges: enemies will now be able to be killed faster when engaged smartly. a head shot will kill most enemies in one hit but so to are you vulnerable to the same rules. Pick your fights wisely until you are probably equip.

Faction Play: Pvp is enabled for everyone however inviting a player to your faction will prevent you from harming them and them harming you.

Larger yeald but slower respawn time: You will now get more appropriate amounts of scrap from items you brake down however locations will respawn look at a slower rate. Make smart use of your resources.

Generators need Fuel: you will now need fuel to power your base

Turrets need ammo: turrets will now be more deadly but also require you to supply them with ammo

Explosive weapons will be more useful and deadly: no more will an enemy be able to shrug off a rocket from a missile launcher. They will be harder to find and less plentiful but worth it when you use them.

Crippled limbs take time to heal: you will need to properly treat a crippled limp and give it time to heal. If you get damaged during the healing process you can develop a permanent effect such as a limp or a weak arm.

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