Unbiased FO76 impressions

fallout 6 - Unbiased FO76 impressions

I see a lot of people talking about the game that are either fanboys or just hate the game because of some youtuber. So here's my unbiased impressions:

The graphics are what you would expect from a Bethesda game: outdated but not terrible looking. Basically the same as Fallout 4 with small improvements. The engine has really been pushed to the max with this game so expect framerate drops in dense areas. Same performance as Skyrim modded to the teeth basically.

The game has no human NPCs which means every quest will either be provided by a robot or a holotape. I personally don't think the game would feel alive with the previous Fallouts quest system. If you have played a MMO before you know how shitty the game feels when a lot of players are doing the same quest for a NPC, totally immersion breaking. But I feel like Bethesda could have done something different. Maybe giving each player a customizable robot companion that would talk to them about the holotape quests would fix this issue.

PvP is VERY awkward. It's basically a duel system disguised as open world PvP, you can't really kill a player if they don't attack you back (unless you waste 10 minutes and every single ammo you are carrying). And if someone attacks back and kill the attacker the revenge system will trigger, spawning the attacker nearby the player. I'm not certain of this but I've heard you can also destroy other players CAMPs, which seems to be the best way to make people PvP you.


PvE is fun and gets much better if you are a social person. Teaming up with people and talking while questing can be quite fun. If your friends own the game the experience can certainly be improved. I haven't played enough to make a verdict on PvE, but it does seem promising. The creature diversity is certainly an improvement on it's predecessors.

The C.A.M.P. doesn't allow you to build things as ambitious as FO4 did, but you can make a small and cozy house with no problem.

The ATOM shop requires you to either buy the special currency with real money or acquire it in-game. Prices seem fair and you will probably be able to buy everything you want without much effort. Bethesda may change this and increase the price for the next released items so take this with a grain of salt.

The world is certainly more interesting than Fallout 4's, you certainly have good enough reasons to explore the whole map.

The leveling system is perfect for an online Fallout game, finding perk cards is very fun and I hope they add something of the sort to the singleplayer franchise.

Overall I had fun with the game but I'm still not certain if it's worth the money. I will have to play the next BETA sessions to see if I continue to have the same amount of fun I've had.


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