Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup | Patch 8 | 04/03/209 (Wild Appalachia)

fallout 4 - Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup | Patch 8 | 04/03/209 (Wild Appalachia)

Specifically to round up the new issues introduced or not fix in the Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Patch – April 09, 2019

Armor / Worn Equipment:

#Helmets / Cosmetic Items

Issue: Multiple Reports of Cosmetic Items suddenly have a durability Bar and being impossible to repair. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

Trying to find the original post I saw involving a Fasnacht mask, but just had it occur on an Army Helmet, the item suddenly reports as "Broken" and cannot be repaired.

With standard equipment this is frustrating but can be worked around, but with Unique/Irreplaceable items this could be catastrophic .



C.A.M.P. Issues:


Issue: Multiple Reports of Z-Fighting on C.A.M.P. Objects (Ticket Submitted Pending)

Pending some good details and screenshots, but have seen a few different Reddit threads about it, Like this one Massive Z-fighting with new patch posted by u/soulhunter3659.Looking for some more photos before submitting



Consumable Issues:




Issue: When trying to Apply Mods to Items, the warning appears but clicking "Yes" Results in no new mod applied. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

Reported by many players, when they attempt to attach a replacement / upgrade mod to an Item they receive the warning, click "Yes" however no change/upgrade occurred.

Re-logging won't always resolve the issue with the item in question, however "Dropping" it into a Bag will often fix it.

The problem with that however is there is reoccuring RollBacks happening, and a new set of Vanishing Paper Bag glitches, so it's risky to do.



#Lag Spikes / Performance

Issue: Patch 8 seems to have introduced increased "Hitching". (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

This seems to creep up every few patches, but multiple reports of "Hitching" (one to five seconds where you cannot move, act, etc) from many people, and I've seen it myself.

Reported on PC, Xbox and PS4, so it appears to be a "Global Issue", and I've personally verified my Install and reset my *.INI's to default, other users have reported ReInstalling will also not fix it.

This also seems to cause increased crashes, if you interact with the controller/keyboard during the "Hitch" a unhealthy number of times it will cause a CTD.



#Paper Bags

Issue: Patch 8 Has brought us a new Vanishing bag Glitch. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

I personally lost about 100 2*&3* Legendaries due to this, and finally nailed down a set of conditions that seem to reproducible.

The Bags that vanish, even if open by another player at the time (Adding to an existing bag) will not allow the second player to loot, even though they see the added items.

Glitch most commonly occurs when the player dropping the items exits the Pipboy and:

-Jumps, which can occur accidentally on PC when Exiting.

-Changes levels upon Exiting the PipBoy (Going up a Cliff, walking up stairs, etc).

-"Freezes" or CTD's (and all items that were in the process of being dropped are lost).

-Player is Knocked down / Dies due to a Player or NPC attack and the Body Ragdolls.

This is Exceptionally problematic with the Player Trading "Canceling" problem that got worse in Patch 8



#Server Stability

Issue: Increased frequency of Lost time and hard won equipment due to rollbacks.. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

Patch 8 seems to have caused some apparent increased instability and a serious issue with "RollBacks".

Server Crashes are not Uncommon, however After Patch 6 "usually" players would see a "Server Not Responding" followed by a brief period of inability to act which ends with a "Disconnected from Server". 9/10 times this would not result in lost time / equipment, and was generally painful but acceptable.

Post Patch 8 we are seeing hard crashes, little if any warning, and a tremendous amount of lost equipment and time.


Trades / Vendor Interactions / Bag Transfers are not "sticking" (aka something purchased shortly before the crash is not remaining in the players inventory) however EVERYTHING DROPPED, SOLD, OR TRADED is remaining lost, so it's exceptionally one sided making the problem stand out.

Bethesda Customer Support is Redirecting blame to the player's ISP or in the case of Console Players to Microsoft/Sony, but the fact it is happening to all platform indicates the issue lay squarely with Bethesda.



NPC Issues:


Plans / Known Plan Issues:


PowerArmor Issues:


Issue: SuperDuper seems to have stopped working for PA. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

Personally craft PA often for both new and returning players, usually buffing my INT and Luck to the High 20's or Low 30's (Non-Unyielding) and have tracked up to a 60% SuperDuper rate in a perfect scenario.

While Crafting 5 sets of Power Armor Yesterday for players, SuperDuper hit exactly ZERO times, which is statically exceptionally unlikely.

Looking at the COBJ's I don't see a keyword blocking SuperDuper (Aka Stealth Nerf) so I'm forced to assume it's a Bug.

(If anyone has actually gotten it to "Proc" please let me know!)



Quests / Events:


UI Issues:


Issue: When Inspecting items the panels that’s supposed to display stats appears blank. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

Multiple reports on all Platforms of the Inspection panel being blank when reviewing items both in player Inventory and also Vendor Inventory.

This Originally popped up in Patch 7 (Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Patch – March 13, 2019), however it has gotten worse to the point (for me) almost 70% of the items inspected will report no details (levels, Mod's attached, etc.)



#Player Trading

Issue: Trading between players is cancelling out randomly. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

This also seems to have started (or got noticeable worse) after Patch 7(Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Patch – March 13, 2019) and after Patch 8 it has gotten insanely bad.

When first trading with a player it will Often (6/10 times) cancel out after about 5 to 10 seconds, and after three to five instances of Canceled trades it will stabilize, but usually not allow trading for more than a few minutes.

This is a significant issue when doing complicated trades, or finding plans you don't know, compounded by the re-introduced "Vanishing Bag" Bug.




Issue: Friends list is now mirroring the "Plans" issue for Vendors and has no sorting. (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

New and very frustrating issue for people with large friends lists, the order now appears completely random, with the Exception of "Pending" requests being ontop.

Before Patch 8 the "Online" friends were always sorted to the top, and then it was "Partially" Alpha sorted, now it appears to be completely random, with neither Account Age, Alpha/Character, or any other factor directly controlling it.




Issue: Plan sorting is now "Erratic" (Ticket Submitted on 04-10-2019)

The "known" Tag introduced was a Welcome Feature and the default sorting of the known was pretty solid (We were hopping for at the bottom, but what we had was good).

Patch 8 however results in an erratic, and not completely understood sorting method, with Known and Unknown mixed together.

It doesn't seem to be Alpha Sorted, or Cap based, so scratching my head.



Weapon Issues:


WorldSpace Issues:


Please add bugs and suggestions that have been missed.

Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup | Patch 7 (Wild Appalachia)

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