Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup – Perks – Feb 2019

fallout 4 - Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup - Perks - Feb 2019

Due to the Character Limit on Reddit / BethNet I'm going to do by "Type" Bug Roundups and then link them to a main thread.

Editors Note:

Starting to Suffer some burnout, due both to the volume of issues left to catalog, and the current state of the game (hard to do Nukezones when it takes 5+ minutes for corpses to load) so any input the community can provide with specific's would be welcome.


Issue: Perk – Adrenaline currently has a Exploit. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

Adrenaline01 "Adrenaline" <00397cba>




























































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