Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup – Perks – Feb 2019

fallout 4 - Unofficial but Comprehensive Bug Roundup - Perks - Feb 2019

Due to the Character Limit on Reddit / BethNet I'm going to do by "Type" Bug Roundups and then link them to a main thread.

Editors Note:

Starting to Suffer some burnout, due both to the volume of issues left to catalog, and the current state of the game (hard to do Nukezones when it takes 5+ minutes for corpses to load) so any input the community can provide with specific's would be welcome.


Issue: Perk – Adrenaline currently has a Exploit. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

Adrenaline01 "Adrenaline"

Adrenaline02 "Adrenaline"

Adrenaline03 "Adrenaline"

Adrenaline04 "Adrenaline"

Adrenaline05 "Adrenaline"

Details are reserved but effect the whole Adrenaline line.



Issue: Perk – Chem Resistant serves no purpose as it's nearly impossible to get addicted. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

ChemResistant01 "Chem Resistant"

ChemResistant02 "Chem Resistant"

It's nearly impossible to get addicted, and most addiction end quickly without using addictol, which makes this perk line not worth investing in.


Fix the Addiction Manager.

Issue: Perk – Demolition Expert "Nerf" Destroyed the Build and made several Niche weapons worthless.. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

DemolitionExpert01 "Demolition Expert"

DemolitionExpert02 "Demolition Expert"

DemolitionExpert03 "Demolition Expert"

DemolitionExpert04 "Demolition Expert"

DemolitionExpert05 "Demolition Expert"

The "Black Tuesday" TS(e) Related nerfs did not resolve the root balance issues and completely Devastated the "Demo Build" for players built around consumable Explosives.

It also made already nearly unused niche weapons (Missile launcher, Fatman) Completely worthless.


Roll back the previous nerf, modify the Explosive Legendary effect so it does not benefit from the Explosive Perks.


More than one person will likely weigh in claiming this is QoL.I personally have a good amount of experience with "Balance" in the Modding side of things, and anyone who used one of the Niche weapons, or used a Demo Build could easily explain why this is not QoL but a bug.

Issue: Perk – Escape Artist is non-functional due to the "Sneak Bug". (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

EscapeArtist01 "Escape Artist"

Linked to the "Sneak Bug", Escape Artist, for many, is not functioning properly



Issue: Perk – Ground Pounder is not Effecting the Railway Rifle w/ Automatic Receiver.. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

GroundPounder01 "Ground Pounder"

GroundPounder02 "Ground Pounder"

GroundPounder03 "Ground Pounder"

Due to the fact the Exotic Weapons Perk line was cut, the Railway Rifle benefits from no Perk cards, making it completely worthless

Also Reported on the Weapon Roundup.


It would require the addition of either the Railway Rifle keyword to the perk, or adding the "Rifle" Keyword to the Railway Rifle, honestly for balance reasons, and considering how worthless the weapon currently is, adding the Rifle Keyword, WeaponTypeRifle would be an easy way to rebalance the weapon and make it worth considering.


I am sure at least one person will think this should fall under QoL, but it is a balance issue, which in my mind falls under Bugs.

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Issue: Perk – Modern Renegade Perk line is under-powered compared to other perks. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

ModernRenegade01 "Modern Renegade"

ModernRenegade02 "Modern Renegade"

ModernRenegade03 "Modern Renegade"

Perk line is very lightly used compared to the underwhelming bonuses compared with other Perk lines.


Buff the Perk line to bring it in line with Enforcer, the answer is not to nerf other Perk lines to make them equal to "Modern Renegade"


I am sure at least one person will think this should fall under QoL, but it is a balance issue, which in my mind falls under Bugs.

Issue: Perk – Pain Tran is under-powered and also effects Friendly NPC's. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

PainTrain01 "Pain Train"

PainTrain02 "Pain Train"

PainTrain03 "Pain Train"


Pain Trains Damage done to NPC's in exceptionally low and does not scale, as a Level 320 I can charge level 10 NPC's and fail to kill any of them, or even get them close to death.

Additionally it fails to stagger, even ranked up, any NPC's in testing. (Scorched, SuperMutants, Bugs, etc).

Finally due to the fact there does not appear to be a condition check, it effects Friendly NPC's when WALKED (not charging) next to them, triggering hostilities. (Serious issue in the Enclave Bunker.)


Add a condition check for "Friendly" or Allied to avoid effecting "Friendly" NPCs.

Rework the Perks along the lines of the rebalances found on BethNet or Nexus to actually cause damage based on speed and distance traveled, and realistic amounts of stagger.

Issue: Perk – Power User is randomly ceasing to work. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

PowerUser01 "Power User"

PowerUser02 "Power User"

PowerUser03 "Power User"

Randomly, but most often when logging out in Power Armor and then coming back into the game, "Power User" will not reduce fusion core Drain.

The only known work around at the moment is removing and re-equipping the perk cards



Issue: Perk – Strange In Numbers is breaking multiple related effects and mutations. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

StrangeInNumbers01 "Strange In Numbers"

When players Leave a group, Radworms is contracted, and several other related conditions occur Strange in Numbers is causing random, mostly detrimental effects.

Usually Removing the card and then re-equipping it will fix it in the short run, but this can be a massive time sync, and sometimes the only way to resolve the issue(s) is to log to the main menu.




Issue: Rifles lack a "Perk" to reduce their weight. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

Every other weapon type has a related set of Perk cards to reduce the weight of said weapon type.

Considering how "Unbalanced" many of the Rifles weights are when upgraded (a 25 pound "handmade", aka AK-Class weapon, is insane, no offense to anyone, and unrealistic based on RL numbers.) this really should be a high priority.


Clone one of the other Perk Cards, change the conditions, Add it to the available perk table.

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Endurance might be a fun place for this one, but just a personal opinion, as carrying a Rifle is about Strength and Endurance, and STR already has a few Weapon Weight Reduction Perks.


This can be found on the "Weapons" Roundup as a Bug. I do think failing to include a set of Perk cards for Rifles had to have been an oversight / bug vs intentional, but listing it as QoL here to make those people happy.

Issue: Perks – Introduce Wasteland Warlord. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

DLC04WastelandWarlord01 "Wasteland Warlord"

DLC04WastelandWarlord02 "Wasteland Warlord"

DLC04WastelandWarlord03 "Wasteland Warlord"

Enough of us enjoy the Raider Life we would love to see this introduced, unlocking some of the Raider Specific (Cages, corpses, etc) Buildables to decorate our camps.


Add a Perk card set linked to these.

Issue: Perks – Add "Gunsmith" Style Increased Durability the Science Perk line. (Ticket Submitted on 02-11-2019)

Science01 "Science"

Science02 "Science"

ScienceExpert01 "Science Expert"

ScienceExpert02 "Science Expert"

ScienceMaster01 "Science Master"

ScienceMaster02 "Science Master"

Currently the cards are rarely used outside crafting Workshop items, as Energy weapons, due to the missing balance and horrific durability energy weapons have.

Adding Gunsmith style increased Durability, that stacked potentially higher than Gunsmith, would make Energy weapons more balanced and the perk line attractive.


Add the Conditions found in the Gunsmith Perk line to the Science Perk line, modifying the Condition check to check for WeaponTypeEnergy .

Please add bugs and suggestions that have been missed.

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