Upcoming New Weapons and Armor Are Pointless

fallout 4 - Upcoming New Weapons and Armor Are Pointless

Steel Dawn and Fractured Steel have some REALLY cool stuff coming, like a neat new set of armor, a freaking plasma sword, elemental rocket launchers, and elemental pistols.

It's just too bad that no one will use any of that stuff except hackers selling duped black market accounts with all of these cheated into the inventory because not only are all of these, including every separate piece of the armor set, a RARE daily ops plan, but you also can only obtain legendary variants as quest/daily ops completion rewards or purveyor. And anyone whose been trying to get a good war glaive knows that's basically impossible, and said impossible bullshit is going to be multiplied 8-fold (5 armor pieces, 1 new launcher, 1 new gun, 1 new melee). And the worst part? Just like the glaive's current state, NONE OF THESE WILL BE TRADABLE, since having a legendary effect or mod makes them untradable, and literally no one gives a shit about non-legendary weapons. Not even the plans needed to unlock the grind for legendary variants will be tradable either.

Why not use the current gold bullion system with module crafting? To fuck with us while giving absolutely nothing in return, that's why. Every single upcoming new piece of gear is a completely worthless, pointless, useless, and insulting waste of data and art assets that no one will use because they can't get good legendary versions in any feasible way. If they aren't even added into the game, it would make no difference whatsoever because no one would ever use them in the first place because they can't get themselves legendary versions worth even trying over their current stuff.


And before you say "Oh, but it's just PTS stuff and not final", when the fuck has an awful PTS-tested system actually gotten better or changed in this game? Hell, the infinite VATS miss glitch with gauss weapons was fixed in an earlier PTS and not actually fixed upon implementation, so if anything they tend to only get worse. Do you actually believe that Bethesda at this point gives a shit about feedback regarding the game's most hated systems? Fuck no; the last time they were ever nice enough to give QoL improvements was with Wild Appalachia additions (backpack, scripping, and purveyor) and 2 of those are awful due to extremely tiny scrip limits and inability to make more specific selections for purveyor's awful RNG. Shit that's usually in base games and improved to be better over time, not added in as an improvement.

TL;DR: all upcoming new stuff is basically impossible to get legendary variants of and are thus pointless and useless. This will not change from the PTS, because that's delusional and downright stupid to hope for with Bethesda.

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