UPDATE: “Statistical breakdown” of almost 2 days of “intensive” legendaries farming. 2:Electric Bogaloo

fallout 6 - UPDATE: "Statistical breakdown" of almost 2 days of "intensive" legendaries farming. 2:Electric Bogaloo

Here's me, again. After more farming. Ready to answer all the Man greatest questions, like "Who moves the Muppets", "Who sent us in this valley of tears" and "What kind of Quantum Physics is behind the ability of a Molerat to burrow in the ground and pop up at the second floor of my CAMP ?".

This time let's stay on legendary loot.

– Server Loot Streak is definitely a thing: i have seen servers with tons and tons of legendary enemies in Events and places (Watoga, Whitespring, etc.) and roamed around in servers without the minimal trace of legendaries. I don't know if it's random, if it's caused by a somekind of trigger or if the Almighty Todd himself in his office has a button to make it rain upon us. Who knows…
-High Charisma or Luck will yeld better loot, but on a very little percentage. Sometimes i got the classical "gem in the rough" from an ordinary enemy. I have to further test it.

A weird thing i have noticed. No, two weird things:

-The first is that a lot of enemies dropped melee weapons, specifically pickaxe. Why ? Well, my lowest level legendary that i carry around is a level 35 three star pickaxe. I started to think about it, and i did a few of low level events (Leader of the Pack, etc), until i found a level 10 pipe pistol. Well, paint me red, Charlie, but the loot changed. Now i found (off the last 3 hours) 2 pipe pistols (out of low level enemies) and more (4) ranged guns, such as hunting rifles, a radium rifle and an smg.
Now, don't take my words for absolute truth, but i think that the loot you receive is somewhat linked to your lowest/weakest legendary equipped, so you will get that weapon or at least, it's category more frequently.


-Second weird thing, and by far the most baffling, is the infinite amount of armor that i'm finding. Why, i'm asking ? Well, i think it's linked to the fact that i'm not wearing armor in my Power Armor. I will further test this, but for the last 5 hours i have my armor again and i have seen less armor as loot for legendary enemy.

And, for Horde Events, the spawned enemies from the "Leader", will be the same level of the player approaching the Event, while the level of the Leader will be the level of the lastest player that got in the zone that spawned the Horde.
So far, thanks to my pal GanJalf the Junkie, we have seen at least 4 events (Savage Divide, Cranberry Bog, Ash Heap, Toxic Valley) with this pattern. He traversed the zone, after a while the event spawned, and it was in that way.

So, here's your friendly VaultPal, bringing you it's lastest research on… The Misteries (or Miseries) of Loot !

TL:DR -> It's probable, yet unconfirmed, that the enemy legendary loot is somewhat linked to your equipments.

-If you have a low level/weak legendary, most of the loot will be the same kind of that legendary, or in it's same category (ex, lowest level is a pickaxe, you will get pickaxes or melee weapons more frequently. Same with pipe rifle.)

-If you have no armor, you will be literally submerged in armor pieces. The moment i took my armor out my stash i have seen a change in the enemy loot, as less armor pieces (except for that wooden armor, goddamnit) and more weapons.

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