Upgrading from O.G. Xbox to Series X (it’s awesome)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Upgrading from O.G. Xbox to Series X (it’s awesome)

I just figured I’d give some of you with old Xbone’s my thoughts on upgrading.

  • Fast travel- It’s basically instantaneous. I no longer have time to go to the kitchen and grab something to drink when I FT. Now I barely have time to reach over and grab something to drink from my side table.

  • Camp items- Everything in my camp would look horrible up close. Things like my Brahmin grill, my Arktos Fridge and many other items were a blurry mess. Now everything looks amazing. I’ve spent the last few days just looking at stuff in my camp and elsewhere in the world in awe of how good it looks.

  • No go zones- Any of you who have an old xb1 know what I’m talking about. Areas that we dreaded going too because of the insane lag. Which also came with the added risk of dashboarding. Well those areas no longer exist. White springs, Grafton, areas in the Mire where the sun shines through the trees…the game runs flawlessly. Trust me, I know you’re thinking there’s no way because of how awful it runs now, but I’ve yet to even have a tiny stutter in those areas. The best way to describe it is, it runs so well now it’s like it’s a one player game. It barely even feels like you’re online.

  • Stash Box lag- Totally gone. I collect and have a ton of clothes. I used to dread going into my stash box to grab an outfit because it would go…so…slow. Often times I would sit for ten seconds or more letting it load everything so I could move through my inventory without constant stuttering.

  • Stash box items – You know how everything you have looks blurry, yeah that’s gone too. I’m looking at all my clothes and armor and seeing so many details I never saw before. You can click on something and it’s instantly up and looks crystal clear. My armor pieces looked like these brown/metal blobs half the time. That’s gone now.

  • Train station hassles- When you load into a train station it’s all there. No more waiting for the legendary machine. No more hassles clicking on the vendor bot inside so you can buy or sell.

  • Graphics in general- The whole game looks so much better overall. Everywhere you go you’ll start noticing details or cool new things. I just noticed that those little blue frogs have electric bolts coming from their legs etc..

  • Queen fights- This goes for all big battles really. No more stuttering, no more popping sounds, no more things coming out of nowhere to kill you because you’re lagging so bad. Honestly being at a queen fight my game ran as if I was chilling in my camp. I fought Earle and Two guys were spamming Tesla’s at the Wendigos, not even a stutter. On my old system I would have been moving at 5 FPS if I was lucky. It sometimes looked like a slide show when stuff like that happened.

  • I’ll also add that I’m wireless and the new series x seems to be much better in that regard. My DL speeds are like 5 times what I used to get, which I assume helps with performance. If you are on an old PS4 upgrading to the new PS5 I’d be interested to hear if you are seeing the same huge leap in performance. My brother owns both systems and he’s still debating which one to buy first.

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