Valid Critique vs. Joining the Hate-Train

fallout 4 - Valid Critique vs. Joining the Hate-Train

I think there is a lot of confusion about why people hate the game between here and fo76.

I saw a comment here on the other subreddit where the author showed respect for an opposing view – while not thinking it widespread – that essentially said: "We are protesting a Bethesda that has bowed to corporate greed in Fallout 76, and we want to make a statement to prevent this from happening to future games."

I would say that this actually is widespread, and it is definitely true for me. I don't hate Fallout 76 or Bethesda necessarily. I spent several hours of enjoyment there in their new game. But my main reason for supporting the general "fallout mentality" is that:

  • It felt like an incomplete, broken, and boring game, and games should not be released with the necessity of post-release patching, especially when refunds are not guaranteed

  • I want to prevent this potential downward trend before it goes farther or other companies follow this example

  • I personally was unable to get a refund

This last one is the most important for me. If they had provided a refund when I asked shortly after purchasing, I wouldn't have said anything further, and would just ignored these subreddits and the game, but it irks me that they are still being supported by people who do not want to play.

Slightly off-topic, I feel like everytime someone mentions Bethesda not accepting refunds, a response is always that they shouldn't have pre-ordered. I don't see why this is the default response, since there are many people who bought digitally like myself and have had their refund requests rejected regardless of how much they played.

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