Valuable loot location thread (spoilers obviously)

fallout 6 - Valuable loot location thread (spoilers obviously)

PC gamer here looking for tips from xbox beta players on where to find useful survival gear early in the game. Things like power armor frames, hazmat suits, large chem stashes, fusion cores, recipes and high utility weapons and armors that can be used before lvl 15. Remember that things found in containers or dropped from enemies are randomized, so any cool items found that way cannot be reliably found by other players.

To kick off the thread here are a few locations you can find power armor as well as a few interesting unique items

  • Power armor can be found at Morgantown Trainyard in a box car

  • Power armor can be found at Watoga Municipal Center by a crashed Vertibird (WARNING: this is a high level area)

  • Power armor can be found at Belching Betty in a small building next to a Firebreather Protectron (this is a main quest location).

  • A Space Suit can be found at Crashed Space Station behind a keypad locked door (access code 111418). It functions like a hazmat suit and is also very stylish.

  • A bobblehead can be found on top of Poseidon Energy next to a Minigun (requires a high level to use).

  • An outfit called Ritual Bindings can be found in the basement of the Mothman Museum (requires lockpicking). No stat buffs, but a top tier choice when role playing a crazy person.

Edit: /u/T3hPhish in the comments pointed out that based on their testing items tend to spawn semi randomly. For example: bobbleheads have fixed locations they can spawn, but different bobbleheads can spawn at the same location and it may be possible for them to sometimes not spawn at all.


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