Values of Crafting Ammo specifically for Ammo Points

fallout 8 - Values of Crafting Ammo specifically for Ammo Points

So, my friend was struggling with ammo for a while and saw the Ammo Converter machine in the atom shop today. Since they burn through (heh) a ton of Flamer Fuel, I would constantly be crafting them large amounts of fuel. This is a problem because Fuel requires obscene amounts of acid.

The Ammo Converter was an alternative, but after a bit of thought, I decided to figure out the best possible ammo type to craft to dump for ammo points to convert to harder to craft ammo types.

Keep in mind that you should still focus entirely on scrapping ammo you have no plans to use, however, acquired in your adventures, this is just a measure for those interested in using the machine to craft cheap ammo to convert to costlier ammo.

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Here is the spreadsheet.

It's important for me to state that without context, this sheet won't make much sense, and even those who would make sense of it, I would prefer to explain to avoid being disingenuous.

The listed "Costs" don't separate scrap beyond lead, steel, and gunpowder. Some scrap that is used in ammo, like Aluminum, Adhesive, or Acid, is valuable, and so it's worth checking the requirements for some of these ammo types before considering the idea of crafting them for the sole purpose of making Ammo Points.

"Profit" is a broad term generally to show how much value is accrued by crafting something for the sole purpose of turning it to AP. In my opinion, anything below a "Value" of 25 is not really worth crafting to make ammo points, and this method should really only be used for ammo types that are tedious to gather materials for, like Flamer Fuel (Which requires large amounts of acid) or perhaps Cryo Cells. It can be useful in a pinch if you lack gunpowder since the top 5 "Valuable" ammo types do not require any.


This goes without saying that being able to craft Ultracite versions of ammo is much more worthwhile because you at least double the base amount of bullets crafted in a single craft in comparison to normal ammo, which is especially notable on automatic or heavy weapon classes (As it stands I can currently craft 720 UC .50 cal bullets in one go, or 7 UC Plasma Cores out of 2 Regular Plasma Cores).

I don't have max ranked Ammo Factory, so my output is currently at 360% that of the base with a 30% chance of it being 460% instead. If I had max, this would be 450%/550% instead. This is because the perk's modifiers are multiplicative (1 x 2.5 = 2.5 | 2.5 x 1.8 = 4.5), with the exception of Super Duper, which simply grants the base bullet value a second time.

I made this post because it doesn't seem like this was discussed before and because it was partially relevant considering the ammo converter was put on the atom shop this week. The machine is certainly useful, but I would say you don't really "need" one because you can still use them in other people's camps and at least a couple of people in your session will have one of these. It's also not necessary for those who will utilize ultracite ammo.

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