Vault 96 is designed to host the vault raids

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Vault 96 is designed to host the vault raids

Yesterday I spent 2 hours roaming around Vault 96 (available on PTS only) and my conclusion is that this vault is "vault raid ready". 96 has surprisingly much more in common with the old version of vault 94, the raid version and much less with its Daily Ops version.

  1. The Size of the vault – 96 seems to be even bigger than the original 94 vault and IMO is way too big for the daily ops. Beth could have easily made it smaller by blocking off/ removing at least 2 or 3 big sections and there still would be enough room for the DO. They didn't make 96 smaller though. Didn't "adjust" its size for the DO like they did with 94.
  2. There are 4 terminals in a line at the entrance. That's a part of the vault raid design. Vault 94 had them, but they were removed completely and a part of their content, raid related, was moved to a terminal in a guard room to the right. Beth could have easily done the same, but they didn't.
  3. 4 terminals have protocols and missions objectives exactly like V94. More interestingly they are not related to V96 originally planned raids. They are newer. The First original raid objective was to save the frozen embryos by repairing the failing generator responsible for maintaining the power to the cryonic sections. The Second raid goal was to wipe out the mutants that invaded the vault and were threatening to thaw core fauna and secure the vault. Instead, we've got two completely new protocols/missions objectives. Virus-maiframe (obtaining, analysing and removing the virus from the vault systems) and Containment (collecting genetic samples, developing countermeasures and securing the vault). Why did they invest time to change something so meaningless outside the vault raids? Old objectives didn't clash with the new V96 lore, so they could have kept them. Terminals have only 1 thing missing – section where you choose a difficulty for the raid.
  4. This one really made me think that something is going on here. In the research wing of V96 you can find a wall with 4 usable gas masks hanging on it. That's the only place in the whole huge vault where you can find them. Yes, 4 masks which matches a max number of players in a vault raid. Possible scenario – players have to wear them during the raid, if they don't have their own, because the air is contaminated in this section of the vault. Defo not needed for the DO.
  5. In the next season we don't have any V96 related items, according to data miners, like we had with V94. Things like a jumpsuit for example. Maybe they keep it for the raids reward? If you look at the 2021 road map you will notice that the Fall has very little in terms of content. F1st private world evolution and another season. Something defo missing here 😉

I`m not saying that the raids will be ever added to the game but to me it`s clear that something has been done towards that. Bethesda this time decided to leave the back door open for the future. That`s a smart move. They can always return to this idea and I truly hope they will as for me, all my friends and many others, it was the best experiance in Fallout 76.

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