Vault-Tec Survival Guide for newer players

fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Survival Guide for newer players

over the past couple of weeks i have been writing down things that i found out over the course of my playtime starting from the beta. some of these things are incredibly obvious and easy but you'd be surprised how many people dont know or do these things, thats why i decided to write them all down and help the new wave of players understand the game better. i hope that even veteran players might be able to learn something from these tips. if you have any additions leave them in the reactions and i will add them to the list. Ad Victoriam

  • Spend perk points in the early game on weight reduction perks as well as crafting perks as these will generally always be useful.
  • When you come across a workbench always scrap all your junk by pressing "T" this will save you a lot of weight.
  • If you are selling legendary weapons or armor in your C.A.M.P make sure to put weight reducing mods on it so you can put more stuff in your stash.
  • Look at the map before you log out, there might be someone at your camp that wants to buy something.
  • Don't be afraid to haggle with people, if you see something in a player owned shop and the owner is nearby ask them if you can have it for a lower price, chances are they will do it because they need the stash space and will get a 100% cut instead of 90%.
  • The trick to a successful player owned store is variety, if you have a bit of everything you can draw in a lot more people, if you specialize in just one thing you will still get the crowd looking for that category but less general shoppers. Sell some simple junk or aid items if you have to fill up your selection.
  • "The art of good business is being a good middleman" if you see someone selling an item that could fetch a higher price, buy it and sell it yourself.
  • With the new Nuclear Winter update you now have the option to turn on damage numbers in the settings, doing this will make it easier for you to determine the critical areas to hit on certain creatures.
  • On the Whitespring resort there is a gazebo looking structure between the actual resort and the golf club. In this gazebo is a Sulphur water fountain, drinking from this fountain will cure a disease for you.
  • With the 105mm lens camera or the pearly peepers you can zoom in on pc by pressing the "q" button.
  • If you are looking to get more stimpaks a very easy way to craft them yourself (if you have the plans) is to use butchers bounty, chemist and super duper to farm ticks close to vault 76 at the moonshiners shack and gilman lumber mill. kill the ticks, use butchers bounty to get more tick blood, collect the blood sacs too for antiseptic, hop and repeat till you have enough tick blood. Now go to a chemistry bench and make sure you have equipped both super duper and chemist. craft the tick blood into bloodpacks and those into stimpaks.chemist doubles all chems crafted and super duper has a 30% chance to double that as wellthat means every tick blood is ~1.3 blood packs and every bloodpack is ~2.6 stimpaks (dilute them for 4 diluted stimpacks per regular one and a whopping ~13.5 diluted stimpacks per bloodpack!)
  • Diluted stimpaks work perfectly fine as long as you have first aid equipped.
  • Have a setup that you can switch to easily when you get to your base, write it down if you have to. For example when i get back to my base I equip stuff like: weapon artisan, fix it good, super duper, chemist, happy camper and contractor. (perk management mod is even better for this)
  • A little glitch allows you to walk faster after a fall in power armor. To preform this glitch simply make sure you have your weapon lowered before falling, then right as you are about to land, raise your weapon by aiming and you will not get the fall animation.
  • If you are player vending make sure your machines are easy to reach and in sight, either mark them with arrows or vault boys pointing you in the right direction or have them in a very obvious spot. (not in your locked house, not on top of a cliff, not all spread out etc).
  • Don't overprice the items in your vending machine, you want to get rid of them so you can replace them with new stuff anyways.
  • If you are looking for a certain component look on the map and see if you can find a workshop with that resource so you can have a little bit of a passive farm while you scavenge for more.
  • Vault 76, Your camp and any workshop you own (+ your friends) give you free fast travelling capabilities between them.
  • Remember to use the autowalk function, "x" by default, to get from place a to place b while you are grabbing a drink, putting on a song or sending a text.
  • Cant fast travel because you're over-encumbered? either equip or place down power armor (it will recall in 60 seconds anyways), drink alcohol and take chems so you can.
  • You can collect dirty water from a pump quicker by first taking a sip and then spamming the collect button while the pump is going.
  • When you are cooking or crafting you can press "q" to toggle between craft/cookable items only and save a lot of time looking through the menu for the right recipe.
  • If you are looking for rare plans you can go to the pleasant hill cemetery in the ash heap just above lewisburg. there are 3 level 3 locked safes there that have a chance to spawn them. If the safe doesnt have what you are looking for, DONT TAKE ANYTHING and hop to another server to open them again, once you take something from a safe it wont spawn loot for you for 24 hours.
  • In the early game i suggest picking up every single weapon you can and just scrapping them, this is how you unlock modification for those guns and will get you started on a nice junk collection.
  • Once you are level 15-20 and have explored a decent bit of the map you can do the pioneer scouts questline to unlock a tadpole backpack that grants you +60 carryweight (can be boosted to +120 with the possum scout badges)
  • An easier way to unlock possum badges is to complete the campfire tales event at camp adams, this event has a chance of rewarding you with a possum badge instead of caps and will guarantee a legandary drop from an enemy.
  • Have a look through the daily and weekly challenges often, these can sometimes be incredibly easy and net you 30-40 atoms, those will add up quickly.
  • Every week there is also a Survival specific challenge that rewards you with a 3* legendary weapon, these challenges HAVE to be completed in survival mode but can be very simple. Just hop into adventure first to make sure you are close to an area where you have to be, make sure you have the required items and stashed some of your aid items.
  • Don't keep too much junk in your stash, 100-150 of every item is more than enough, bulk the rest at a tinker bench and sell it (or craft stuff for xp).
  • Weight reduction perks dont work in your stash, sometimes it can be more beneficial to keep certain items on you so you can store others.
  • Stick to adventure mode, survival is fun but with most people running around with one shot weapons and god armor you are not gonna have a good time as a noob.
  • Turn on pacifist mode.
  • Vendor caps are now in one big pool and the max amount of caps you can get in a day from vendors is now 1400, if you are grinding caps make sure to max this out every day.
  • Same thing applies to scrip but the max in 150 per day and it is a bit harder to get.
  • Rather than buying ammo, craft it yourself. Make sure you have super duper and ammosmith to maximize production.
  • Always make sure you have components that you are short on tagged, either in your junk menu by pressing "C" or tagging something for search with "X" when crafting and out of a component.
  • Early game it is very good to claim a lot of workshops for some easy caps, xp, plans and resources.
  • Keep an eye on the atomic shop for free stuff that is regularly given out.
  • Dont save one of every weapon because "you might use it later" either use it or scrap it, if you want to use that weapon later you will eventually get a legendary for it.
  • Dont grab every bullet you see, make sure you have a good amount for the weapons you are actually using you dont even have a fat man yet you are carrying 36 pounds of mini nukes. Either sell the rest or drop it (or scrap it… pls bethesda let us recycle ammo).
  • Legendary enemies drop loot around their own level.
  • Use your search perks properly, you dont always have to keep them on, just know that when you come across an ammo box or first aid kit you have that option available and save yourself some perk slots.
  • Same thing applies to both hacker and picklock, only swap to them when you actually need them.
  • Build your camp next to a resource location to get passive junk. For a full map of all resource spots:
    81cf730f - Vault-Tec Survival Guide for newer players
    https://www.falloutbuilds.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2018/12/81cf730f.png u/revlusive-mist
  • dont underestimate the power of the melon, food&water in one package, possibly the best thing to plant. If you want to carry some with you though i suggest taking thru-hiker with you to at least reduce its 2 pounds a little /u/Blackgemlord
  • To be continued…


and last but not least i also have some Nuclear winter specific tips:

  • Turn off your damn pipboy light if you dont want to be spotted.
  • This should be obvious but use your chems.
  • You start with invisibility, NOT invulnerability.
  • If you notice there are a lot of people spawning in your area and you dont want to fight, use your invisibility to run away, dont loot anything as this can remove your invisibility and make you a target.
  • Communicate with your team (also with randoms) about nuke codes and briefcases, maybe you have the capability to launch a nuke already but you will never know cause everyone only has 1 code and it keeping that to himself.
  • Dont bother with too many gimmick perks, focus on damage increase and resistance.
  • Stealth boys are super op, use them to flank enemies or get a better shot on them.
  • Always aim for the head.
  • Remember to use your C.A.M.P properly, you can make your own house if the need arises and you have the time/space to do it.
  • Create a little covered platform blueprint in adventure mode that you can place down instantly in NW for some quick good cover.
  • Be more alert to bobbleheads and perk magazines, they give huge bonuses but many people walk right past them.
  • Grenades go further than in adventure mode and show a throwing arc just like when you have the perk, make sure to use them effectively by throwing them into a clump of reviving players or a camping spot like houses or trees.
  • When you have power armor, give your old armor to a teammate.
  • When selecting a spawn location, clicking on an actual building will spawn you inside giving you more cover and quicker loot.
  • Always spawn with your team, even with randoms. Strength in numbers.
  • Remember the name of the person that picks up the briefcase, write it down if you have to.~~THERE IS NO FALL DAMAGE IN NW (not sure if this was/is a bug).~~ this was a bug
  • Have a look through the challenges for NW, there are a lot that are so simple you can do them in the vault and get multiple perk packs (like take pictures).
  • Switch your inventory sytem to the pop up hud instead of the pip boy to save you the animation time.
  • On long stretches of nothingness, sort your quick select wheel "f" to make sure you have your best weapon at 1.

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