Vaults that can be based on horror movies and a real life serial killer part:1

fallout 7 - Vaults that can be based on horror movies and a real life serial killer part:1
  1. Based off “the thing” : This vault quest is sending a emergency but instead of a rescue the vault dweller is begging the player to destroy the interior of the vault before it gets out. The player foolishly tries to enter the vault after following the signal. Despite the radio warnings getting worse when the player comes a little more closer to their potential demise. After the player enters the vault they now play an important part when he or she meets the other vault dwellers. The vault dwellers in a panicked state explain how Vault Tec transported a creature of unknown origin that was captured and stored in their vault. However something malfunctioned that was keeping “the thing “ in the vault and after it thawed out it was discovered dead or so the dwellers thought so.They assigned one out of 12 dwellers to try put back whatever the creature was Into its frozen prison containment mechanism and freeze it once more. Once the others dwellers had fixed the malfunction they check back on the dweller assigned to the dead creature but when they came back both the dweller and creature were gone. After a long search they found the dweller and asked where is the creature the dweller said it attacked him and fled so another dweller stayed to take care and examine the wounds of the dweller who stayed the longest with the creature because of being assigned to store the creature. When the other 10 dwellers came back they discovered that creature was really the dweller who got attacked and it started to assimilate the dweller who was taking care of him alone. So 9 dwellers stayed to corner the creature and sent one dwellers to get the flamer and torch the creature while still assimilating. After the incident they all questioned each other if they came into contact with the creature (some did while the creature was disguised as the other dweller who got attacked but were to late to signal the others). The players job is to deicide one out of three options. A: try to find any hints any of the remaining dwellers could be “the thing”. B: Try to kill everyone until they find “the thing”. C: lock the vault in on them and hope “the thing” will never escape and die slowly.

Based off the serial killer H.H Holmes: This vault in particular is about a vault overseer going mad into a power trip after many years trapped and in charge of the vault became obsessed with the idea that he controls the whole vault so he starts secretly controlling the air vents , and water pipes to either suffocate other dwellers or poison them with lethal gases and with the pipes he would increase water temperature so high it would burn them alive or increase pressure to cut them to ribbons. After this the overseer discovers secret door that lead into the interior walls of vault dweller’s rooms and secretly comes in their room and inject lethal chemicals into them and disappear that way it looks like a overdose or a natural death depending on the chemical. The player finally comes into play after finding a new signal begging for someone to help them in their vault find out what’s really going on and why. The player missions is to take down the overseer and as a reward we a new weapon of madness a syringe glove with poison affect and it looks a giant needle attached to a dark brown leather glove and dose triple damage if used on sleeping targets.


Let me know what you guys think of these ideas

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