Visually indistinguishable INI tweaks to get +10-30% performance

fallout 4 - Visually indistinguishable INI tweaks to get +10-30% performance

Hi again.

You might remember my performance guide post from a while back. While it did gather some attention, I have a hunch there's still a LOT of people struggling with performance in this game.

So I decided to compile a list here with the INI attributes that have the biggest impact on performance but not necessarily as much visual impact.

One thing to note with this game on PC is that when you set your graphics presets, there are some graphics settings that get changed "under the hood" that are not adjustable in-game. That's why you get better performance when you set the preset on Low and afterwards manually crank each setting below to Ultra.

So, without further rambling, here's the good stuff. The files are located in "YOU/Documents/My Games/Fallout 76". If there isn't a Fallout76Custom.ini, you can create it. The header is the designation of where every setting should go. As an explanation, a trick to completely remove depth of field is to insert the following lines into Fallout76Custom.ini

  fDOFBlendRatio=0 fDOFMinFocalCoefDist=999999 fDOFMaxFocalCoefDist=99999999 fDOFDynamicFarRange=99999999 fDOFCenterWeightInt=0 fDOFFarDistance=99999999 


HeaderSettingLow valueUltra valueRecommendationExplanation
bAllowCreateGrass11Setting to 0 disables grass, but not bushes and larger foliage. Gives a nice chunk of performance with a small immersion hit.
bPreloadLinkedAreas1This is a new setting, not existing in Fallout 4 AFAIK. It could be placebo, but I suspect it preloads cells around you somewhat to reduce that janky stuttering when loading in new cells. Increases RAM usage somewhat.


HeaderSettingLow valueUltra valueRecommendationExplanation
fDirShadowDistance60 000150 0008000 – 30 000Distance of shadows. Ultra value is amazingly overblown and even Low is massive. You can lower this to any amount, but 8000 feels like a minimum for me.
iShadowMapResolution102420482048 – 4096Quality of shadows. Once you turn down the distance you get way more overhead with shadow performance so you can actually bump this up to 4096 and still have the same or even better performance than with 2048 and a crazy distance.
uiOrthoShadowFilter132 – 3Filtering of shadowmap edges. Higher values = more blurred edges.
uiShadowFilter132 – 3Filtering of shadowmap edges. Higher values = more blurred edges.
fBlendSplitDirShadow48192 or 384This one took me ages to figure out. There are separate "zones" of shadow fidelity which get degraded visually the farther they are from you. This value is the distance over which the change happens. The base value of 48 is way too small for blending the zones effectively, hence you get a jarring line where sharp and nice shadows turn into mush. Increase to blend this change into a more gradual one. No performance hit to talk about.
bVolumetricLightingEnable11I know, why would you disable it? Because it only affects the sunrays. They look nice, but you won't miss them after you notice the performance gain from turning them off. This is one of if not the BIGGEST FPS gain you can get.
bSAOEnable110 or 1Set to 0 to disable Ambient Occlusion for another huge performance gain. It's quite visually noticeable but if we're being honest here, the AO in this game looks quite horrible anyway. Grass will look flat with it off, but if you're going for maximum FPS, you've disabled grass by now.
iPresentInterval11Vsync control. Disable it.
fBlockMaximumDistance100 000250 00080 000Distance from player to reduce the LOD quality to low.
fBlockLevel2Distance75 000110 00040 000Distance from player to reduce the LOD quality to medium.
fBlockLevel1Distance25 00090 00010 000Distance from player to reduce the LOD quality to high.
fBlockLevel0Distance15 00060 0005000All LODs are rendered at full detail up to this distance.
fTreeLoadDistance25 00025 00025 000How far you can see trees. You can lower it, but it starts looking really unimmersive quickly.
bScreenSpaceReflections11Disable this to get another nice chunk of FPS. Disables detailed reflections on metallic objects and water. You won't miss it. Or atleast I didn't.

There's more settings explained in the linked guide. These are the ones that have the most impact on performance.

Thanks again!

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