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“Waiting for response from server”

fallout 8 - "Waiting for response from server"

PC player.

Ever since Patch 23, I've been encountering this issue where at random, always just after fast traveling, public or private server, the game world will become completely unresponsive to my interactions with it.

I'm aware of all the other reports of this, as undoubtedly everyone is experiencing these issues, but wanted to post my experience and observations with it, in case we can figure out some fix or contribute something useful to one in the meantime. At current the game is unplayable for me and I cannot play anymore due to this issue.

  • If I try to loot or open any vendors, or talk to NPCs, a popup will say, "Waiting for response from server", sit there for 10-20 seconds, go away, and still nothing will work.

  • If I try to fire a weapon at an enemy, after two shots, the gun will either go away and bring out my hands, or reload, after which two shots again will cause the same thing.

  • If I try to eat or drink or take any meds/aid, there will be no effect.

  • Attempting to fast travel again has no effect.

  • The server itself isn't lagging or glitched out while this happens. It's not the server hung up. Other players can play fine on their clients, I watch them go about their business; the enemies are fully loaded and responsive, and can aggro, chase, hurt, and kill me successfully, without me being able to retaliate. If downed, attempting to respawn does nothing.

  • Usually, the only way to fix this once my game/character has gotten stuck is to leave the server entirely. More than once this has already caused me to lose out on rewards/items I wanted to buy from a shop, as I'd lose the server and not be able to rejoin it again.

Today, I happened to load in to a player base that was near an event (Uranium Fever), and immediately realized my game was bugged again, getting Waiting for Response when trying to open the vendors. I tried shooting, tried eating, tried running away, and nothing had any effect. However, instead of force-quitting the server, I decided to wait for the Uranium Fever timer to run out, to see what would happen with the rewards in the midst of my game being broken again.

SIX MINUTES LATER, at random, my game suddenly goes back into a loading screen, then drops me onto the player base, and my game is WORKING AGAIN. This whole month of dealing with this, I've never waited that long enough to have that happen. Usually if you've waited a few minutes and nothing's working, you quit the game, but this once I didn't.

And discover that what's actually going on is that I must still not be loaded into the game even though it shows I am, and that my character is still virtually in a loading screen—an infinite one just like the ones reported on console. Turns out they're the same issue.

Is everyone else's experiences the same with this? Anyone figured out any workarounds or tricks or ways to deal with it? Any further observations that could help figure out the cause?

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    D Warr
    Nov 16, 2020 9:32 pm

    Yes…this has been happening to me for the last month…multiple times a day. I even force exit the game and it works sometimes but then goes back to it.

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