Wallace At Harper’s Ferry actually does have a problem with his blueprints (like the handmade rifle) and now I know why

fallout 4 - Wallace At Harper's Ferry actually does have a problem with his blueprints (like the handmade rifle) and now I know why

Hello all,

I haven't been able to find a concrete answer anywhere about the Handmade Rifle Blueprint situation, but after a couple days of googling all I could find was speculation and heresay. So, I elected to break open the .esm and see for myself! What I found was enlightening!

Using xEdit I found that all of the faction vendors have a levelled list called "LLV_Vendor_Recipes_Base_Faction_"

In each list there is a list of values called "LVLF – Flags". Every other faction has the following flags:

Calculate from all levels <= player's level

Calculate for each item in count

Wallace does not. He has no LVLF – Flags at all! All of the other factions do, however. If my understanding of the implications of this are correct, that would lead to the vendor requiring a player to be an exact, specific level to be able to see the plans. The level for the handmade recipe seems to be "1". I am not totally literate of all of the values and data, but this was more than I could find anywhere else, so I thought that I would share!

He also seems to sell a lot of other unique jerry-rigged weapon plans that I am sure that I have maybe only seen from him once or twice that the community does not seem to be aware of. These include:

The Flamer

Radium Rifle



Death Tambo

Cultist Dagger

Cultist Blade

Railway Rifle

Harpoon Gun


Ski SwordAssaultron Blade

I intend to make a level 1 character and see if I can get some friends to help me test whether being level 1 at Harper's Ferry will show these blueprints to me. If anyone else wants to test to confirm, throw up some screenshots or something to help out! I have reported this to Bethesda with a feedback ticket, but if anyone else wants to check this out, to make sure that I am correct in my assumptions and understandings, and report it as well, the more the merrier.

Read:  I can't progress in the story, and Bethesda Support can't help me. I feel I deserve a refund, but they feel otherwise.

u/svrdm was kind enough to share this link that better explains the issue!

Original link

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