Want To Know Why The Servers Are Unstable Bethesda.

fallout 5 - Want To Know Why The Servers Are Unstable Bethesda.

Its your fault… seven weeks of this is enough.

How can we even blame the dupers when you lads won't do a darn thing about it?. You need to do something now, each day that you keep allowing to pass is hurting this amazing game. I should not be seeing some of the inventories i am seeing when running my store.

Exploit guides when searching 76 on youtube : You lads have no one flagging videos?. https://youtu.be/KbWaU464fdE

Cap sellers: This was a promoted ad on google when searching…. https://www.u4gm.com/fallout-76-bottle-caps?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4Jetl9PD3wIVUKaWCh33HwXrEAAYASAAEgJJrPD_BwE

Ebay selling: Search 76 on Ebay and see all of them. You lads don't have anyone flagging this stuff?. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fallout-76-XBOX-Two-Shot-Explosive-Gauss-Rifle-3/223301082423?hash=item33fdc81d37:g:DLAAAOSwZ4RcJB3R

Bethesda you have not put your foot down on these exploits. Your servers suffer , the playerbase suffers, pvp suffers and the player market is suffering. You may not like it but you stepped into the same issues that games like world of warcraft have to deal with. You need to put your lads to work and crack down on all of this. If you want the game to have a good future like alot of us do. Seven weeks of this is just becomming too much with not even a single word from yas.

So please for the love of Atom put your foot down on all of this exploiting. Ban these people that have done it and make an example out of them. Even if its temporary show some recourse to this.

If you don't do anything then i am seriously worried about the longevity of the game. You lads have not even come out and said a thing regarding exploiting the game. You know you have people that actually defended exploiting by saying if it was not allowed Bethesda would of said something by now….



Joker of Joker Bargains

Ps. To the exploiters who will downvote or message me personally as they are scared to defend it infront of the community here.

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If you truly love the game, then stop this. Your not the cause of the issue your just a symptom of the problem. But you can choose not to be. If you want to see this game have a long future just stop please.

This is not witchhunting this is about a running issue for 7 weeks now that just won't end. Starting to see some really bad issues poping up in game and it cannot be allowed to keep going on.

The 76 community is one of the best communities i have seen and this game has alot of potential for many years to come. Please at the very least talk with us regarding the exploits.

Edit: Thanks for the slivers community, this was mainly me venting some frustration at Bethesda. I just want some dang answers as to why in 7 weeks we have not seen any actions regarding this mess. How in gods name is the current one been allowed for almost two weeks now with no hot fix or even a response?. It really feels like they just don't care about the game sometimes.

It seems i am far from alone on this one.

Edit 2 : Jesus christ thank you so much for my first Platinum. I was honestly expecting to be downvoted for me venting. Thank you so much community for the support.

I am glad i am not the only one. Especially as a fan and owner of every single Bethesda game since Morrowind first released.

I am doing my best to read every single comment posted. I see almost every single person here feels the same right now.

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