Wanted Players Should Become Event Content

fallout 5 - Wanted Players Should Become Event Content

Currently there is little incentive to hunt bounties in the game. Either the players got the bounty by accident and want to be killed, or they’re powerful and just baiting you into a fight you probably won’t win. All this with little reward. This also means that there is little deterrent to attacking players and CAMPs.

There is also very little content that creates a feeling of players working together to rebuild or fight a common enemy.

This idea could rectify those things—wanted players should be turned into content that uses the SPECIAL system.

When a player kills another player as an aggressor or destroys their CAMP items, there would be a chance that they would trigger a serverwide “Manhunt” event that lasts 30 minutes or until the wanted player is killed.

The chance of the event triggering would be higher if the victim has high CHA. The chance should also increase with each successive “Infraction”, making it unlikely to occur as the result of accidental damage, but more likely in the event of intentional damage.

If the event triggers, the bounty adds caps equal to 10X the player’s level—so very powerful players need to think twice before attacking someone and there is ample incentive for other players to participate.

The wanted player becomes locked to the server they’re on for the duration of the event. Their entire team becomes marked as wanted for the event as well, but with no additional bounty. The original wanted player becomes the event boss, their teammates could defend them, or abandon them by leaving the server.

The event would operate like the SBQ fight. If the wanted player is successfully killed, everyone who gets a shot in gets a reward—but the player who gets the actual kill on the wanted player collects the bounty. Event rewards would be random like any other event, with item quality scaling with the level of the wanted player.

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If the wanted player survives the event, they and their team are rewarded by clearing their bounty and with random event rewards—along with whatever junk they collect from defeated enemies.

To prevent players from simply disconnecting to avoid having their newly increased bounty collected, it should be collected immediately when the event triggers and given back if the wanted player successfully completes the event by evading death.

What does everybody think of an event like this?

Would you participate in it? If not, why or what rewards would you require to participate?

If you’ve had your CAMP attacked, would you get a thrill out of a whole server converging on your attacker?

If you’re a raider type, would you still raid knowing this might happen?

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