WANTED status should bar you from the revenge option. PERIOD!

fallout 5 - WANTED status should bar you from the revenge option. PERIOD!

Killed my first Wanted person and he was instantly able to respawn near me with the revenge option… He then logged off after looting my body. I figured there would actually some reprisals for dying while wanted and not being able to pop right back in and get revenge on the person that brought you to justice…

Bethesda… If you are seeing this, you need to fix this because wanted people shouldn't be able to take revenge or respawn in a certain vecinity upon their death. There should potentially be a respawn timer greater than dying under normal conditions.

Edit: to clear up any confusion… I didn't initiate the attack against the wanted guy. I was doing the power plant event and clearing out and defending against scorched and Super Mutants when a player attacked me who happened to be wanted. I just happened to get lucky with a few good shots and the use of cover and my stim packs. He then got to pop revenge and come kill me before I even got to loot his junk.


Edit 2: Thanks for all the comments and suggestions on fixing this obviously borked system. I was worried I'd get so many people hating on me for this post LOL! Clearly it was the opposite and many of you feel the same way I do. I think the best course of action is for everyone that agrees with any of this or any of the other comments, to post to Bethesda about it so we can hopefully get it fixed/changed before launch.

Edit 3: Finally at a laptop and not my mobile phone so here is the Post I made (linking back here) on the official FO76 Forums. Please go post there as well so we can get this fixed! Thanks!


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