Was thinking of a Game Wide Event that would happen no matter what server you where on – Just my thoughts.

fallout 3 - Was thinking of a Game Wide Event that would happen no matter what server you where on - Just my thoughts.

I was thinking of some type of system wide event – no matter what server you logged onto you were in this event. It is something like when the Scorched first started showing up, but this is what happens when Nukes have been launched over and over. The Scorched/Beasts come and in mass, in an EXTREME MASS.

Game Wide Event:

Starts with seeing the animals running away from something, except the Deathclaws. Some alone, some in herds. Also seeing more Scorchbeast in the air but not attacking, spraying the area with the green mist. An Alert comes over from the Enclave about an unexplainable event happening, earthquakes, massive radiation being detected at multiple locations across Appalachian Valley and multiple high-altitude targets are being tracked.

ALL PVP has been disabled for this event, Pacifist is on for all players (Except for soon to be Survival Mode PVP is on and Pacifist is off) . All Camps are now seen by all, you cannot move your camp AFTER the ‘Get Ready’ timer has ended (120 min (?)), but there will be times when you will be able too.

The Scorchbeast have come out in force due to all the nukes that have been dropped and the survivors have to fight for their lives and reclaim every inch of Appalachia

Only safe(ish) harbors are, ALSO these are the only areas that can be fast traveled to:

Flatwoods – from the bridge by the church to Red Rocket. *

Vault 76 – 2 landings where you met the Mr. Handy and the where the dead guy is at. *

Whitesprings inside the building

Harpers Ferry – the Free States Armory. *

Pickett’s Fort – the Main Fort Area *

Red Rocket Mega Stop *

Fort Defiance

*= Player Buildable but only a 1/3 the size of the normal camp size (Green ring limit), NOT everyone will be able to place their camp in the safe areas.

Safe Harbors can be over ran and will be needed to be cleared.

Everyone is on a team – if you are already part of a team and have an extra space(s) someone will be assigned. Still teams of 4 max.

Teams will be randomly assigned areas to eliminate hostiles and there will be waves and waves of them. The players will be under a lot of pressure and your resources will be used.

The Safe harbors will be needed to be guarded, this will include lower level players (lvl 10 and under) and 1 or 2 teams and those that have came back to fix weapons and armor. The Safe Harbors will be regularly attacked so it will not be dull, there will also be special resources that will be available to players to help out, gun turrets like at the air field and power plants and S.A.M.s, and those will only be available for this event, unless you can build them already (I don’t use defenses in my camps and I don’t take over workshops often).


Players lvl10 and under will be assigned to Guard Duty, this will not be a light task, when they are lvl11 they will be assigned a team and can go on missions.

If you log out and onto a different server you will be placed in the nearest safe harbor to where you were and will have to be assigned to a new team or make one of your own. If you had a camp down in a safe harbor you will leave a hole in the defenses that will be needed to be plugged so that area is not over run.

Once areas have a foothold in areas have been established a 1 camp can be placed, and when more of that area is secured that camp can be expanded with another camp, and so on.

Still Food and Water will be needed so a supply will be needed to be found.

The Event

The different zones of the map will have multiple scorchbeasts and scorched of all types and of all levels and a lot of them, and they will be needed to be cleared.

Rosie is the only radio transmitting and she is being used by the Enclave as a signal carrier to relay targets/movements/objectives to everyone. The Relay Towers are a key element for the transmitting of vital information and must be kept working. Once a relay tower has been successfully cleared, fixed, defended a temporary camp can be established for some fortifications only, small concrete and steel barriers and a couple turrets.

There will be certain Primary locations, other than the Relay Towers, that will have to be cleared throughout the Valley, Fissures will have to be dealt with (BUT again Nukes have started this Event, they must be used wisely) and the Fissures will get more dangerous the closer you get to them.

There will be Multiple Scorchbeast Queens (no more than 3/4)– maybe at Fissure Prime or divided up among the Fissures.

ALL Scorched Minions MUST BE eliminated

All Beasts MUST BE eliminated – just eliminating the Queens will not be the end event, there will be stragglers.

With what 24-30 people per world I am figuring that this will not an easy event that will take time.

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