Was Whiskey Snakes Jr Robert House’s beloved cat?

fallout 8 - Was Whiskey Snakes Jr Robert House's beloved cat?

I'm replaying Fallout New Vegas and I've just had a thought. I've always gone and grabbed the Goodspring's Snow Globe up at the graveyard without ever thinking about why it was there and why it was on that grave in particular. It could of just been a bauble some wastelander used to adorn the grave of their friend/relative. But what if there's a bit more story behind it. Most of this is just conjecture but it's a theory I'm fond of just because it adds a bit more character to House (not to say he isn't already brimming with personality). Most of this information is off the dome, so if any of it is wrong feel free to shout obscenities at me.

House is very fond of snow globes, so fond in fact he's willing to pay 2000 caps for every snow globe. While that isn't as much in New Vegas as it is in other Fallout games thanks to the ridiculous amount of money you can make throughout the game via quests, gambling and bartering, it's still a lot of money for a snow globe. House is a very pragmatic entity, while he's definitely egotistical, he believes everything should have a use. His interest in snow globes transcends that philosophy. While he's certainly one of, if not the wealthiest individual in New Vegas, 2000 caps for a pre-war bauble is still a lot of capital to expend for a hobby. If we want to get really deep, House might feel a connection with these snow globes, because in a way they represent him. A man, trapped in time, in his sealed off casino, which is one possible reason he's willing to pay so much for them. All of this to establish that House loves his snow globes. Well, why doesn't he have any. How did he develop this fondness for snow globes when you're holding the first one he's seen in centuries. Maybe he had a few before the war, but where did they go? Well I'm going to suggest (and here's the conjecture) that he had one snow globe in his possession when the bombs dropped. A snow globe of a town south of Las Vegas called Goodsprings.

So assuming House had at least one snow globe in his collection, and that that snow globe was the Goodsprings snow globe we the player will later find in the Goodspring's graveyard, what does that have to do with anything. Be warned, more conjecture coming in. Have you ever met a cat person? I'm not talking about a Simpsons-esque "crazy cat lady" but just a regular, cat person. Someone, who when given the choice between a dog and cat, you know they'd pick a cat. Well, House strikes me as that kind of person. While some might argue that House would prefer a dog, because one of the traits he most highly values is loyalty, I'd argue that the pragmatic, egotistical and ever ambitious Robert House preferred cats and here's why. Through some hasty online research and the gathering of information from a number (2) of unreliable sources, typically cat people have the following personality traits: cat people are loners, unconventional thinkers and more prone to worry. While we don't have too much information about House before the war, we can assume he wasn't much less reclusive than he is post-war. He allows the courier to pass into the Lucky 38 due to their being in possession of the Platinum Chip; subsequently the courier can bring a gaggle of followers into the Lucky 38 as well. House keeps his interactions with the courier curt and professional and there's no known interactions with any of the courier's followers. I believe House could safely be called a loner, or independent if you'd rather. House is also an unconventional thinker, he flies in the face of what the NCR and Legion are attempting to accomplish, by rejecting old world ideologies of war and expansion and instead focusing on the march of technology. While House doesn't appear to be prone to worry, he has his concerns. He vehemently derides the disloyal, which could be read into as him being concerned about betrayal. He also keeps his distance from literally everybody except for the courier, the one person he perceives as loyal, though even then he maintains armed securitrons in his top floor penthouse that nobody could ever reach besides the courier. This is likely due to past events with his family, i.e being orphaned and cheated out of his portion of the will by his half-brother. These personality traits, in my humble opinion, go some of the way to proving House is a cat person. Without anything remotely concrete to back it up, I'll also add that House gives me "cat person vibes" when I speak to him.


Cats are also independent creatures. House is a busy man, between planning decades of development towards an eventual space program for New Vegas, running affairs in New Vegas and fending off would be invaders from New Vegas, he doesn't have a lot of spare time. Pre-war, he was similarly busy, with preparing Las Vegas to withstand a nuclear attack and running his business. House would likely prefer a more independent pet. Cats are also standoffish which I believe House could identify with.

Would House own any pet? Well he wasn't a stranger to "companionship" as we know he spent some time dating a Hollywood starlet (though he was scanning her brain). House wasn't too keen on human interaction. Most humans are however naturally social creatures. House was eccentric and believed himself to be on another level compared to everyone else. However, with a few exceptions, everyone gets lonely. I believe House would of found companionship in a pet. I believe that pet would have been a cat.

So if we now assume House had a pet cat, that he cared for as it was his only true companion. What is the timeline. House mentions in New Vegas that cats are extinct. We can assume he says this because there are no cats around New Vegas or indeed the Mojave Wasteland that he can find. We can extrapolate a few things from this: first of all, House had his cat before the war; second, House took an interest in the availability of cats at some point after the war. We know that a few short years after the bombs dropped, House fell into a long coma stretching from about 2082 (five years after the nukes fell) to 2138. New Vegas takes place during the year 2281. House awakened from his coma shortly before the NCR marched into the Mojave, he scrambled to prepare himself for their arrival, rolling out securitrons and recruiting tribals (who would become The Three Families) to become a part of New Vegas' defense. Since he awoke, House has had his hands full with the countless factions vying for control of the Mojave, from the NCR, to the BoS, the Legion not to mention he's had to gather intel from around the Wasteland. In this process, he may have accidentally discovered that cats were extinct, but as an intellectual man, I believe House wouldn't make such a careless statement based on that, making careless assumptions is my job after all. So I believe that House must have, during everything else, purposefully found that cats had gone extinct. I believe this is because House's cat had met its end resting peacefully waiting for its master to wake up from their coma. When House awoke, he not only found the world in shambles, but the dusty remains of his beloved cat. To summarise, House had a cat from before the war and due to the cruel machinations of time, that cat died in the years following House's coma.

Buckle up because the entirety of this next part is plain storytelling, nothing to back it up.

House must have had a strong bond with that cat, as he didn't share many bonds with any other living creatures. When he woke to find it dead, in a very rare turn of events, he became upset. House had so few things that he genuinely cared about: Vegas, his hometown; snowglobes, his hobby; and Whiskey Snake Jr, his cat. He decided to forgo all but his dedication to his hometown. He isn't the type to let himself get upset by things. While he was sending out securitrons to monitor the Mojave and to recruit the tribals, he sent one carrying two things, the remains of his cat and his Goodsprings snow globe. The securitron eventually made its way to Goodsprings, where it buried the cat in the graveyard and placed upon it a snow globe. He kept the securitron at Goodsprings, despite it being nothing more than a quiet podunk country town. It occasionally takes walks up to the graveyards. It calls itself Victor.

*EDIT* It occurs to me that I didn't detail why House would start collecting snow globes again. Perhaps being so close to a stable future (with the help of the courier and the Platinum Chip) and a sense of nostalgia he began to find some room in his heart for his once treasured snow globes.

*EDIT x2* It also occurs to me that this took me over an hour to write and is almost 1500 words of pure conjecture, sorry about that if you read the whole thing, that's time you simply can't get back.

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