Wastelanders better deliver (has to deliver)

fallout 4 - Wastelanders better deliver (has to deliver)

To start I want to say I have loved this game since B.E.T.A and I am a casual player who just hit lv.52. I have played on PS4 and feel lucky to not have all kinds of crazy glitches like most people claim (maybe ps4 specific? dont know) and I fell this has helped me enjoy this title more than others. I do think Fallout 1st in its entirety is a disaster. Shit I think it would have been better off being just private worlds but with all sorts of customization and mods. But instead its fluff and game changing devices. I love this game and have zero interest in what fallout 1st has to offer for the price it is. Just not worth it. Most people seem to be mad mainly about the fluff that makes this game just way easier and the fact that it is given to you for a real currency price. Understandable. But also if you are like myself, you don't have to buy into this subscription service and still play the game as normal and if there is a fallout 1st member on a public server they really dont have any advantages over yourself (besides maybe collection legendary gear easier on a private server) (the extra fluff really wont effect the rest of us).


But regardless, this has caused a huge upset in the fallout and gaming community as a whole. This series is well known and beloved and I feel Bethesda rejuvenated it with fallout 3. Job well done (dont forget about new vegas either) (I really like 4 as well). But 76 has began to tarnish the series and Bethesda. I do believe I love 76 because of how much I loved the last games and the lore is all the same. It feels the same but at the same time it dosent. Wastelanders should, should bring it all back. NPC's, dialogue, and the extra content that comes with it. I hope Wastelanders makes this fell like a true fallout game again, better yet, it better, to keep this series alive and Bethesda for that matter.

I feel bad for Bethesda, and you should to. The team really does seem to care (based off some documentaries ive seen and behind the scenes stuff) about this series just as much as us but they just cant seem to get it. I would feel horrible to under deliver on something I love myself. Maybe the majority of the team is the same and they dont have any new young talent with the new ideas, idk. If Wastelanders doesnt do the trick it may be time for Bethesda to think about selling the IP to a different studio who can take this series and give it a complete new breath (and engine).

That's my 2 caps,

Thanks for reading.

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