Watoga was stealth nerfed for legendaries(data inside). It is not because of a “UI bug” and it is NOT “bad RNG.”

fallout 2 - Watoga was stealth nerfed for legendaries(data inside). It is not because of a "UI bug" and it is NOT "bad RNG."

This is in response to multiple highly upvoted comments in a recent thread about legendary nerfs with some very stout advocates saying otherwise. I mostly wanted to check for myself to see if I really was just getting shit luck with drops since the patch. I also think Bethesda owes us an explanation because I thought we were past stealth nerfs after it blew up in December when they were doing it. Also not sure if this would have any impact for some reason, but I play on PS4.

Now I will start by saying I intended to do more trials, but I've been at it for over 4.5 hours and have not seen a single legendary protectron and have looted every single corpse for a total of 0 legendary drops. I am sure many of us here were former Watoga farmers and I can say I have never at an absolute max before this past patch had to server hop more than 5, possibly 6 times, to see 3* and multiple 1* legendary protectrons. If I had even gotten a single one in my almost 400 kills, I could attribute it to really, really, really, really, bad rng but I did not.

Here is what I got from all my runs: https://imgur.com/a/ZU19KLC

Note: A solid 30% of these were the lvl 38 and below spawns. I am unsure if those can spawn as legendaries or not. Most were level 50 though.

My conclusion is that I am definitely not saying that it is impossible to get a legendary protectron in Watoga now, but there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that they are nerfed super hard. If I did the runs I just did a few weeks ago I'd be overflowing with a whole bunch of useless legendaries to get caps from and maybe 1 or 2 decent ones to trade or use. But 0? No, that's a major nerf.


I did close to the same number of runs last week without documenting with no results and gave up on Watoga after seeing others on the subreddit also were having the same issue as well. Until I heard these bug/rng explanations. So I decided to put it to the test tonight.

Key for the notes: DOA – protectrons spawn out of the tubes already dead with no loot. None of these were labeled as legendary.

Explosion – I had 3 of these – Like before the last patch the legendary ones would explode like a mini nuke after death. None of these corpses had any gear on them, just lead/steel/aluminum.

No spawn: the tube spawns a protectron but never opens and it is stuck inside. Grenades sometimes re-opened the doors but I ran out.

Also something that I thought was only a rumor – the Colonel Gutsy security task force. I had it spawn on one run (not from the tubes they just popped up around a corner). However none of these were legendary either.

Total loot in terms of junk:

Steel: 340

Lead: 288

Aluminum: 115

On run #18 a lvl 48 legendary super mutant spawned outside the city and attacked while I was killing the protectrons. I got a lvl 40 1* chameleon leather left leg from it.

Silver lining : Turns out that farming these protectrons is a pretty okay way of farming lead/steel for ammo.

EDIT: I will say I have not had any other problems , just only in Watoga with legendaries. That's why I did this. I have in Bots on Parade too, but have not done enough of them recently to make a determination.

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