Ways to grief (and how to avoid it)

fallout 8 - Ways to grief (and how to avoid it)

Hello! Many new players are probably worried about griefers ruining their experience. Well here are a few ways that players can grief and ways to get around them.

1- players running in front of you while you are fighting to get you to initiate pvp. To get around this there is an option in the settings for pacifist play. That means you wont do damage to other players so pvp wont start. They can still damage you but with 3 of my friends hitting an afk player, it took us 3 minutes of constant hitting to kill them.

2- sneaking up on someone lock picking a safe, and then stealing everything as soon as they unlock it. This one is kind of hard to avoid. In this game, lock picked safes are instanced, which means you can unlock a safe and then a player can steal the loot. Wait for it to be clear before unlocking safes. Same is true with locked doors. Players will run in and grab everything once u unlock the door. Loot outside of crates is instanced.


3- blocking doorways and then killing the player that cant escape. Me and my friends blocked a player in a room and just trapped him there. Only way to get around this is to leave the server.

4- being lured into a C.A.M.P that has hidden turrets when bounty hunting. Once a player has a bounty players are incentivized to kill them for caps. Unfortunately these players that are wanted know this and set up traps. If a wanted player is running from you just be wary of this. 4 turrets shooting you as soon as you enter a room kills pretty fast

There are probably more but those are the ones me and my buddies found in the 4 hours we played.


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