We are creating a “Where do I get that!” list of all Plans in Appalachia, and need your help!!

fallout 8 - We are creating a "Where do I get that!" list of all Plans in Appalachia, and need your help!!

Hey Fo76,

I have been an avid gamer, and Fallout fan since the beginning days of the franchise. Of course Fallout 76 being the first Multiplayer iteration is bound to come with its own problems and fixes, loot tables, items, creatures and more.

Every Fallout, Elder Scrolls etc always have solid guides on where to get a specific item. Whether it be a specific Vendor, Final Boss, or a certain quest to get that weapon, gear etc. Fallout 76 doesn't have that yet, and that is where we all come in. By crowd-sourcing information on where a specific item was gained, and pooling all of that information together will allow us to make an always up to date list on how to get X item.

Currently we are focusing on Plans. By focusing on Plans, we can gain the information needed to gain the ability to craft the weapons, gear, or C.A.M.P.s as quickly as possible. The following is the information we are currently gathering:

  • What system you play on
  • The Plan name
  • Your level when getting the plan
  • Where you found the plan (vendor, world spawn etc)
  • Important info on where you found it (Specific vendor, boss etc)
  • Lastly; Any extra information you want to provide

You can help by submitting the information in this form of any plans you find. Anything submitted into this form is visible publicly in the Submissions document (see below):

Fallout 76 Plan Location Form

You can view all the submitted results in this document. Be aware these have not been sorted through, and is raw data that has been entered. You can easily sort for a specific plan by sorting line C alphabetically.


Plan Submissions (Unsorted)

Some things to point out about this:

  • Yes, there are large lists of ALL the plans available in the game, but there is no central location that lists WHERE to find the plans, that is what we are building.
  • We will begin working on other comprehensive lists as time progresses, have an idea for a list you think we should work on? Comment and let us know! We will add your ideas to the post to get feedback from others!
  • We are hoping to open a central 76 website, including forums, LFG, Guides, Marketplace and more! Want to contribute? Have skills you think could benefit the project? Send me a private message and we can speak directly!
  • We will constantly be updating the submission forms, lists, and this post to keep all information relevant, and up to date!
  • Please submit your finds to the form linked above, responding to this reddit post will not get your submissions into the document! We are aiming to have everything in 1 location, so it is easy to sift through and update everything! Thank you!
Read:  rest in peace, my red eyed abomination princess. ?

TL;DR a group of friends are working on creating up to date lists on where to find things in the game, and are looking to crowd-source as much information as we can to help along the way, answering questions and working to creating a lasting effect on the community!

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