We don’t need more storage, we need more efficient storage.

fallout 2 - We don't need more storage, we need more efficient storage.

Before I explain I need to iterate to anyone who might read, higher weight =/= more client lag. More unique/different items in a storage/inventory do. 1 steel or 1000 steel have the same impact on the client, but say 1 adhesive 1 steel 1 acid are three times more taxing to the client. This is an issue that can and would happen in any other Bethesda game since Morrowind, just no other prior game had one loaded world with 24 characters that all have a list of unique items in their inventory and stash. This is still a legacy issue that could be solved by rewriting/optimizing how the game client handles this, which is no simple task. I've been wanting to make a video demo of this for a long time, but I still haven't gotten to it.

Back to actual constructive business, there is 53 different scrap items if we include the bulk and always hit scrap junk. It's clear that Bethesda wants us to not have a crazy excess but clearly we do want the most we can shove in. The biggest problem mid to late game is that it becomes a horrible system that can leave players spending an hour plus at a time playing this balancing act of junk vs everything else. Prior to the stash expansions, I can bet 90%+ of peoples stashes were scrap and just having one set of armor with a few guns on us. Now we see some actual gear being saved which is great since the new Perk system encourages multiple builds on one character. This balancing act kicks the hell out of the simplified gameplay loop as follows:

Explore/Quest -> Collect resources, loot, and monitor food/water -> Return to camp to heal, deposit goods, build (if needed), repair, and prepare for next step -> Repeat

The current simplified loops tend to go one of the two ways here:

Explore/Quest -> Collect resources, loot, and monitor food/water -> Come to camp decide if I need this scrap or loot I grinded for, spend 20 minutes trying to shove stuff in, get frustrated that I've spent a ton of time not experiencing the game and throw away a rare drop to save my precious screws. Make a post on Reddit about how we need more stash space. -> Repeat.

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Explore/Quest -> Collect resources, loot, and monitor food/water -> Eat the food and use the meds on me to stay away from visiting the stash or camp. I'll deal with it later. -> Repeat


I think we just need a split stash between junk and what we actually want. This would eliminate the balancing act, can let Bethesda control how much scrap we have, and let players have a gear stash with enough space on its own that we could keep that one item we farmed for 10+ hours you'll never use or those cosmetic items you like to switch on once every 3 months. This will be a time saver and only benefit every single player. I'm not even suggesting 2 separate stashes to visit, it could all be on the same screen for all I care.

I won't give suggested numbers because I'm sure it would take a patch or two to this to find the perfect number, but in theory lets say they split the current stash space and go 50/50. 400 pounds of scrap may not be a lot for some, but since it would only be the 53 items at most it would let you say "oh yeah, I don't really need 189 pounds of steel" letting the player be in and out in 5 minutes. Then on the Equipment side 400 would be a ton of room to collect gear and have it on hand, but even when it gets filled it can actually be fun to sort through things you've grinded for or were lucky enough to get in the first place. It will always feel better to have to decide on keeping one of two pieces of gear vs deciding a piece of gear or come adhesive.

What do you all think? I'm sure many mid game players are starting to find themselves spending a longtime in the stash and many late game players still are or have already spent a ton of time and now worked out a system for themselves to be hyper efficient that wouldn't really work out for many other people. There's still hundreds of "MORE SPACE NOW!!!1!!" posts on this sub that I think we need to start looking for or suggesting different ways to solve or relieve this ongoing issue, but also stay balanced. It's clear the "stuff everything in the same place" system isn't working as that will always pile up till the balancing act has to happen again and I really think the backpack system is just going to make it worse the longer it's ignored.

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