We need a “I’m Logging Off” Emote

fallout 76 discussion and inform - We need a "I'm Logging Off" Emote

So I relocated my camp a little north of Atlas, at the tall building along the tracks with the crane. I built right up to the top section and wrapped around one side. I'm right on the edge of the typical ACP Nuke zone, sometimes I'm actually in the zone if I log into the right server. (I had a nuke drop as I placed my camp and logged in two more times later on to finish up where I was halfway in the zone)

I turned my Camp into a S. J. Diner with vendors for Aid, ammo, plans and legendary stuff. It's all decked out like a diner and functions like one with all the stuff you'd expect. It also has a balcony so you can sit comfortably by the BBQ and watch the explosion before going in. I have work/crafting benches and bed on the rooftop with a place to sit by the camp fire for a better view. I planned it as a hub for players to fast Travel to, gear up and head in…… That was my plan anyways.

Turns out my plan worked too well. I placed my items in the vendors as soon as I could so people saw my camp on the map and maybe not nuke it. While finishing my building, I had several players rock up and do what I expected.

Over the course of maybe an hour, there was always one other person at my camp the whole time, about 5 others at one point.

Eventually, I needed to log off to get the kid to bed, but there was one guy still sitting in a chair on the balcony watching the fallout while the Wanderer played her repetitive tune (for about 20 mins, must have went for a dump) and another player on the roof area using the ammo converter…. Frig that won't be quick.

I needed to log off, but I also didn't want to be a dick and have them both fall to their death. I also don't use a mic.

I used the wave emote on the guy chilling, then the panic help emote, then the sorry emote, back to the wave…. Nothing.


I then went to the player on the converter and waved, then the help emote…. They popped off the converter and waved. I used the No Mic emote, then Sorry a couple of times to indicate "sorry but you gotta go" then waved again.

They popped up the question mark confused emote, so I then did the Follow me emote. They eventually followed me down all the stairs and back to ground level. I then waved again and logged off.

As for the other guy chilling and pooping, with any luck, he should have fallen to his death right in front of her and maybe she would revive him.


This would have been a whole lot simpler if we had an "I'm Logging Out" emote. They'd get the hint to finish up what they're doing and fast Travel away or head to safer ground.

This could also help players to hurry up at vendors too, but more importantly, for players who have bases that could cause some issues for others if they suddenly vanish. (cliffs, floating, over deep irradiated waters and the player is in PA, etc.)


If you're wondering how I was able to build that high up and get the build zone to expand that far, I had to place my camp twice. Once at ground level and build stairs to the platform above the large pipe leading into the building/crane, then placed my camp again on the platform above the pipe. This makes the lower building area just a bit below the tracks so you can still get a foundation down, and allows you to build about 1 floor above the roof line of the existing building.

Though if you got a jet pack, you probably can get to this platform without having to place the camp twice.

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