We need an extended Vault 76 quest line where we stop pandering to all these invaders.

fallout 3 - We need an extended Vault 76 quest line where we stop pandering to all these invaders.

I know our character can comment to the Overseer, questioning why we have to help these new factions, and then she throws you on the rails to assist them regardless…. But why?

Sure, help them in so far as to inoculation so they don't turn into Scorched that you have to fight more of, but we were meant to rebuild Appalachia ourselves. Many Dwellers were doing this before Wastelanders came along. Now we have to Welcome them in and do their bidding?

The Settlers. The Raiders. The Cultists, the Blood Eagles. Scavengers, all run around our land. Now the Brotherhood?

What's next? The Free States?

Children of Atom?

Preston Garvey's Great Great Great Great Grandfather asking us to help out another Settlement?

We should be able to clear all this Post-War Scum from our lands. Their areas like Foundation and Crater should then have all the NPCs replaced by random Vault 76 NPCs with their own quests. Have 76ers help with Vault 79 quest.

Paige rubbed me the wrong way right from the get go. Stating they're here to stay and not leaving? Let's see what my combat shotgun to your face says about that. We were here first. This is our territory. Now rather than politely asking, you stake your claim on our land call it yours?

That's an act of war, buddy.

The Raiders couldn't cut it and ran when the Scorched were taking over, then we fix things up and make an inoculation. Then they come rolling back in like its theirs because they were here first?

No, we were here first and we'll be here last.

Now here comes the Brotherhood.

This isn't some damn backpacker hostel where every random clown can come and stay.


ADDED: (responding to Smelvidar) – I was just thinking about the logistics. If you Nuke Crater or Foundation, the NPCs automatically swap to Hazmat Suits when you fast Travel there.

Perhaps a similar approach could be done where the areas remain just as they are, the NPCs and their count remains as they are, but depending on what the player chooses, one player spawns in showing the Settler/Crater/BoS NPCs but another player there who wiped them out shows them with 76 Vault Skinned NPCs with different names with slightly different daily quests & dialogue. Flags would just swap textures at each location to a Vault-Tec one.

For wiping them out, it could be a public event, where for you and your first time doing it, it's a massive battle to clear them out, but for others joining in who already did this, it could be renamed as an event for holding that location from the Settlers/Raiders/BoS retaking. You spawn in the entranceway like normal fast Travel and then you make your way through taking down everyone in the group. Once they're all gone, the event ends, you get some gold, scrip and drops, then the NPCs spawn back in (76ers or the factions if you chose not to kill them previously or taken part in the event and didn't join.)

So each location would only need to deal with one swap to 76ers or not, the roaming NPCs would either be hostile to you or not (which is already in the game now with Raiders if you haven't sided with them) and shouldn't have to rework the entire game all that much or make it too complicated.

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