We need an improved Pet / Taming System. Painting walls and themed sets like a Doctors.

fallout 2 - We need an improved Pet / Taming System. Painting walls and themed sets like a Doctors.

Right now its nice to have a pet but a waste of time your pet will die…

We need a "Pet reviver" – Craftable.

Improved Camp / pet – Build budget – Make them separate from the build budget and scale the pet budget to the Size and Level of the Pet… You can have 2 cats

Add a few more random Pet encounters to the world and ADD to list of tamable pets from the small animals in the game already.. Add Smaller Deathclaws maybe? and a few RARE Supermutants , Hank, Kahn , Dale and Peggy .. (Whatever you wanna call em') and give them some individual dialogue around your Camp and as you level them up.

Give the Tamable pets a Names list of fun names that they can spawn with, with an ability to change the name if you don't like it at the crafting table

Add an electrified Defensive fence like Jurassic Park that sets a boundary for our Deathclaws ?

Set up a perks for pets system – Allow us to Level our pet by feeding it – you want a blue Deathclaw feed it Soot flower .. Scavenger pets, Tanky Pets , DPS pets, Farmer pets… I don't know , allow them to Buff you while at Camp, they could buff you an extra Special point once you've leveled them up in that Special but only one at any time ? 🙂

Allow us to collect unique outfits for Pets – like the Rare Supermutants one you add.

Last time i got completely crapped on when posting this /s… Keep trying i guess 🙂

Regardless i think it's fair to say their is alot of missed potential with pets,Camps and the uniqueness of those camps being limited to Atom Shop items. And to be clear i do see lots of uniquely BUILT camps but they got the same walls they got the same foundations and so on..


Different colour brick walls would be nice ,,, there's Paint, Paintbrushes , can i please paint my walls ? 🙂

Just an Observation not Implying anything.

That said – the update for item placement will add a ton and the Roadmap is promising ..And things like a Slocums Joe set, A FALLONS clothes dept set, A DOCTORS set!!!! , Nuka Set , NCR set ,etc etc… wich im sure will be added in the future will negate the Lack of individuality from camp to camp… And i look forward to that!!

I think improving pets will greatly improve gameplay for those days when you want to Build a new Camp & Tame a pet for your new Camp.

Collecting them all and level them for different rewards ( ie: level a pet to scavenge and you may log in to find your pet has scavenged the Travelling Jacket )

It will also add extra individuality to a Camp.

Theres also a potential monitary value for more luxury custom pet options in the Atom Shop if Bethesda think about it,,, fluffy Pink cat collars!! :p.. The less i say there the better lolz.

Theres also the Whole Robots at settlements too with the Robot Workbench.. But im sure Bethesda have plans for that already..

Please don't be immature and just say " it's shit " please constructively tear it apart if you have too it may lead to a better improved idea ?

And this is not a dig at Bethesda , im glad the Roadmap looks good , the last patch braught hope.. i want this game to be the best it can be,,, and if Pet Taming is a better System you may bring in some new players and earn a dime from a Fluffy Pink Cat Collar. 🙂

Edit: TLDr .. Do or do not , There is no try.

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