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I believe the longevity of the game lies in daily content rather than story content(even though that is always welcome), we need way more content that CHALLENEGES us everyday. Daily ops is fine and all but we need more foundational content for teams that exploits what's already there.

So my recommendation is create more content in the open world that is centered around public teams for the different party types: Hunting, Exploration, etc.

Joining one of these teams will give custom objectives and quests and events only found in these team types that reward players as they make progress.

For example hunting team could hunt powerful named 4/5 star legendaries by tracking down their footprints/markings/etc. and reward players who find traces of them.

While looking for markings/droppings/footprints and other objectives could spawn deadly monsters for players to fight as well as have ambush scenarios that come in waves.

When players fill up a bar for that specific monster using footprints/markings then the event will appear on the map for every player to see. However players who contribute towards the bar and find markings will get bonus exp points as well as a quest reward for spawning the boss.

Hunting parties will also allow treasure mole miners to spawn when hunting down legendary bosses, otherwise you will be unable to find them.

Hunting parties can also choose to take up hunting bounties that will spawn a Special Legendary versions of various hunting animals such as yao gui,deathclaws etc.

These enemies will have very specific mechanics and be unique fights that are not as challenging as 4 star bosses that require 5+ people.

Hunting parties will also passively make bosses/tougher legendaries spawn more often around the map even when not actively hunting anything.

Exploration parties will be able to go custom quests called "Ventures".

On its surface similar to hunting parties however it will spawn more lore friendly quests that give you random encounters when entering certain areas that fit the theme of each area from a lore standpoint.

Once you start the venture you will be graded/timed on how fast you complete different objectives so it's better usually to split up. There will also be bonus objectives that will grant greater rewards but won't fail you if you ignore them.

So as players run around the town Grafton for example players will be able to find custom chests/computers/encounters that are not in vanilla version area of the game that player bonus exp for interacting with them, if other team players are nearby they will also receive any exp bonuses you get for interacting.

Players on ventures also will get custom instances for that location such as a blood eagle camp or lucky hole mine instance that gives players a greater challenge than vanilla.


The higher level the party the harder the challenge and the greater the reward at the end with custom plans/oufits/mods/etc. that are exclusive to ventures based on the biome/area you choose to go on a venture in.

The last part of these ventures will generate a randomized dungeon in a pre-existing area/camp/dungeon with a decently hard boss randomly generated by the parties overall total level.

While in a exploration party more NPCS /random encounters/objectives will spawn more frequently and reward players for interacting with them and completing any quests they give you. Often while in a exploration party finding random friendly npcs/notes/mysterious pipes is the best way to start a venture that will eventually point you to a dungeon/camp.

Also when players are close to each other exploring together tougher enemies in greater numbers will spawn in the environment even when not in a venture.

Roleplaying and casual parties can be rewarded by having more friendly npcs/merchants to spawn as well as rare light companions that can be acquired.

These npcs can dole out custom quests that can be soloed or done in a group, these quests are usually more on the lighter side for quests and don't really require intense combat.

The npcs objectives can be finding certain items, crafting a number of items, delivering items to a npc that might have a random encounter when you get there, taking pictures of certain things,etc.

Casual/roleplaying is more on the solo side for gameplay that's immersive.

Finding npcs in a casual/roleplay party like grahm or other rare merchants will mark them on the map for other players in the team and you will be able to actively see them roam the map for the rest of that playthrough while on that server regardless if you switch parties or not.

Event teams will make events harder for every player at an event inside an event team. More chances at ambushes by champion pack/bosses/random encounters/special wave challenges/etc.

Events that are upgraded in difficulty will give a bonus to all players level 55 and below to be slightly stronger and more durable for the greater high level challenge.

Players in event teams will also receive bonus objectives to complete that are not normally there to spawn special events after the normal event, these bonus objectives will be challenging and timed and won't fail the event if you don't complete them.

However failing them also means you won't unlock the new event that only happens if you complete the rare objectives that appear randomly inside events.

The new events that spawn will always be much more challenging/rewarding than the normal events and also have exclusive outfits/rewards for unlocking these secret optional events.

That's all i have for now thanks for reading!

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