We need to say goodbye to the “Battle Royal” mode and get a “Ghoul ” mode instead

fallout 6 - We need to say goodbye to the "Battle Royal" mode and get a "Ghoul " mode instead


First of all , I'm french (yeah baguette baguette lol) so I'm trying to make as little mistake as possible so please forgive me if I do some froggy mistake.

Nuclear winter update used to be cool at the beginning BUT , now we didn't see any update since a while so, I think it's time to move on something else.

So I was thinking " why we didn't fight INSIDE the vault now ? "

Just imagine this , 4 sleepy head (yeah that you + your friend) who didn't go out the vault , have to fight monster ? ZAXX want you dead , so he's going to send you all his little friend..

The Mode would be a "Call of Duty Zombie" (Yeah yeah I'm talking about this game plzz don't send any nuke to my camp lol) and I think this would add some fresh air to the mode, let me introduce you some ideas :

  • – Wave of Ghoul (get harder + longer each wave)
  • – Every 5 waves you get different enemies (like mutant's dog…)
  • – Every kill give you little amount of Adventure XP + More wave done = more supervisor XP
  • – Killing Ghouls give us point that allow us to buy some weapon

Thats for the basic ''Call of'' thing , now let's add a Fallout 76 sauce.

  • Perc Card vendor (using kill point) , who give you random perc card (like explosive ammo, fast reload , 50% damage on glowy etc..)
  • A new Vault 51 Secret (and yeah Bethesda just drop some holobands somewhere random inside the vault and thats good , that's not the hard part to make lol or use the good old already existing holoband, that way the non 100lvl supervisor could get it all.)
  • A code that allow us to shutdown ZAXX ? Like the weekly nuke, we code use it to an monitor and win the mode without dying.

So Tadaa , I know some things are more needed in this game , that just a suggestion with some improvement needed off course, this is just something in my head I want to share.

NB : Yeah this would work even more if the mode where inside the vault 94 (We all kinda miss you deer vault) , the atmosphere is better, or maybe 2 choices like the actual Morgantown or Flatwood but this time thats 2 differents vault with different enemies..

NB 2 : I think we can keep the same supervisor level/reward we already got, maybe an 100-200 lvl reward but I don't think it's necessary.

I would love to see if someone got more idea to add !

Thanks you for reading me!

Edit : OMG this is my first post , I didn't expect reach more than 20 peoples but you guy are just making this crazyy +1k upvote , almost 100 comments with nice ideas or different "pitch" , just awesome ! (omelette au fromage <3)

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