We need to talk about the arbitrary build restrictions (CAMPs and Workshops)

fallout 5 - We need to talk about the arbitrary build restrictions (CAMPs and Workshops)

First, I want to express my gratitude – the budget increase was awesome. Faschnacht is awesome. Once I had the opportunity, I decorated, defended, and expanded my CAMP greatly. And FO76 is clearly going places. But…

We need to discuss what is wrong with the build restrictions. Or specifically, the build police (as I will call the system from now on). Obviously, Fallout 76 is online, which requires build restrictions not present in the singleplayer Fallout 4. But some of the arbitrary restrictions are pretty dumb and implemented poorly, and those restrictions seem to serve no purpose whatsoever. Such as:

Scenario 1 – you've got a nice steep hill in your CAMP area. Yet, you can't quite jump to the top, so you need to sprint all the way around. You decide you're gonna drop one of those concrete stairs leading from the (nearly perfectly) flat ground below, to the perfectly flat top of the steep hill – they're even the perfect size and height!

You can't. You MUST attach them to a foundation. But the foundation is too big to place on the top of your hill. Even if you could, that would destroy the appearance of the CAMP, and occupy some of your budget that you shouldn't need to utilize.

You're stuck placing a bookshelf to hop on every time which doesn't align with the terrain and "floats" off the ground slightly, but can be placed, and looks bad, or go the long way around every time.

Scenario 2 – you've created a very solid structure. One foundation, six walls. Now you need to put your 2 upper floors on top so you can have not only your roof, but an upper level you can access. Then you will add stairs so you can get to that upper level from the narrow passage you lined the wall up with you're about to add one of those upper floors to perfectly.

But you can't put an upper floor without attaching them to stairs. Okay, you need to go build some stairs from that narrow passage first and- wait. Nevermind. You can't build stairs without attaching them to or from an upper floor or foundation first. Since you can't build the upper floor to attach them to, you need to build a foundation. But you can't, because it is too large to occupy that narrow passage way. The narrow passage way that stairs would fit in perfectly.

One of the purposes of the restrictions is uniformity and the suspension of disbelief. Appalachia was constructed well and consistently throughout. You don't find one building which was constructed crazy and half floating because one of the level designers working on that decided to do something completely different. So Bethesda wants people to get creative with their CAMPs/workshops, but not create crazy, unrealistic towering structures with no support. And that's part of the reason the restrictions exist, right?



Another purpose of the restrictions is consistency. Appalachia was constructed consistently throughout – there isn't one or two crazy buildings you come across defying the laws of physics which break the suspension of disbelief too much. While Bethesda wants people getting creative with workshops/CAMPs, they don't want them constructing crazy, unrealistic, looming towering structures, with no visible support etc. – that's why restrictions exist, right?

But then a moment ago, I attempted to create a new brewing section within my CAMP and the only problem was one wall. Visually, the placement was perfect (and it was green — super green) but when you placed it, it would "intersect with an existing object" and was rejected. Then on accident, I accomplished this:


Yup. You can create a floating roof that is unattached from the ground on accident more easily than you can a wall attached to a foundation (in very select circumstances to be fair – those occasions where visually it is good, the object is green, but the build police say NO!) – also bonus 3-4" floating wall/roof combo, and generator glitch from a workshop last night which was possible to build (no idea how). I don't know how to repeat this exactly, but I could figure it out again if I tried. Something is off with the code here. Seriously. Also, only one of these was possible to be built – guess which one:


Also, all of this stuff is possible (and not simple stairs without a foundation, upper floor before stairs, etc.):


We don't need such a restrictive build system. Maybe some of the code needs more refinement is all, but it is pretty clunky really. Some players will always want to create elaborate towers and structures which defy physics – these structures are awesome and I don't mind them. But the fact that the restrictions imposed in part to eliminate these prevents regular, reasonable, believable stuff from being made, while you can still create all that stuff, is pretty annoying and certainly should be fixed.

I feel that the build police are a pretty big bit of coding. And even more effort to get right. But it appears little was done with regards to this area of the game except eliminating trivial glitching such as stacking foundations. I don't feel like anything has changed about the efficiency, effectiveness, and most importantly, correctness, of the build police part of the build system since launch, unfortunately (with the exception of the whole removing bushes, trees, rocks, etc. by placing something on them change).

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