We should be able to pick a faction to belong to with faction specific perks.

fallout 6 - We should be able to pick a faction to belong to with faction specific perks.

Pick a faction:

Here is what I would like to see added (eventually) to Fallout 76. I understand there is a lot to fix and a lot to get right but I think this would add some more content and possibly some better PVP experience.

As the players explore, they are presented with different factions and how those factions interact in the wasteland.

Joining factions is done by doing quests and earning prestige (Brother of Steel, Enclave, Raiders, Responders); while other factions are joined by selecting and playing in a certain manner (Settler, Lone Survivors) Switching factions immediately creates a bounty on you for anyone in the faction you just left, so if you leave Raiders to join BoS or Enclave you are marked with a bounty to all Raiders until it is claimed. And to switch you will have to complete very difficult quest(s) with little quest reward. The higher rank you are with the faction the larger the bounty. Damage from a former faction member against a wanted individual will be increased. All known faction plans will be forgotten and faction equipment will be unrepairable. As for the lack of NPC’s, I have an explanation for faction NPC’s returning:

The emergence of Vault 76 residents and their actions allowed for the Scorched and the Scorch Virus to be isolated and/or hopefully in some DLC, defeated.

Vault 76 residents were the best of the best. In the Vault 76 terminal note Vault 76 Parameters: “The cream of the crop of America have been chosen, including luminaries from Vault-Tec University.” And “The Vault Residents have been carefully chosen for their unique skills and temperament.” When the residents began exploring they used those skills to fight the scorched and the scorch beasts. The players made Appalachia habitable again. And with the inoculation available in Charleston (perhaps a future event / siege point) more survivors can be inoculated and the scorch virus can be defeated permanently. FACTIONS:

Raider: gets bonus junk and exp when destroying a player base and players. Top of the World is home base to all raiders. Rose gives daily quests and shop. Raider camps are free quick travel options. CAMP budget is smaller. Raider plans. bonus caps and ammo when killed. Raiders can form own smaller factions, create faction emblems and go to war against other Raiders. But Top of the World is non-pvp.


Settler: bonus farming and scrapping. Larger camp budget. Teaming up with other players bonuses (+Crop production, +Resource production, +base defense, etc). Camps can be closer together and tied together to create settlements in certain areas. Cheaper to rebuild camps. Settler CAMPs of 5+ CAMPS are rebuilt for free and get 7 days of increased production and pvp-protection. Settler plans for CAMP and armor/weapons. CAPS bonus for trading and random vendors visit more often.

Lone Survivor: bonus damage and exp when solo. CAMP is cheaper to move but less budget. No risk sleeping on ground. Hunger/thirst decrease slower. Raw foods less chance of disease. Find more ammo and food. Shareable stash boxes hidden around world accessible only to Lone Survivors. Ability to drop a “Survivor’s CAMP” that has a tent, stash box and All-in-one craft station that has limited access to beneficial recipes. If another player destroys a Survivor’s CAMP they are provided bonus exp. and caps. Survivor plans. bonus exp. and caps when killed, no loot lost. Map markers for travelling vendors.

Responders: Flatwoods is home base. Responder armor and weapon plans. Any town with Responder outpost has CAMP bonuses/Features. Responder bots can be summoned to assist with events and sieges. All responders are given a vs scorched bonus.

Brotherhood of Steel: access to BoS power armor plans. Fort Defiance is home base. BoS settlements. Bonus damage to mutants, synths, robots and ghouls as well as raiders. Must maintain prestige among BoS by doing events and quests. Certain SPECIAL requirements per rank. Supply drop ability for ammo, food, water and temporary power armor MODS. Ability to call in robot reinforcements during events and siege. If killed in PVP, better loot for opponent.

Enclave: MODUS enabled hacking perk. Enclave Power Armor Plans. Enclave supply drops. No Homebase in Appalachia. Whitesprings Bunker safe zone but nuclear attacks can still occur.

I will expand in future posts about faction specific perks, plans, etc.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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