We shouldn’t be a vault dweller anymore

fallout 3 - We shouldn’t be a vault dweller anymore

For the next inevitable installment of Fallout I don’t think we should be a vault dweller. At this point we’re used to the same formula: emerge from the vault, start an adventure, loot, and level up. I believe a potent way to tell a new story would have us be someone that survived the blast and experienced the loss of his or her entire world first hand. Our struggle for survival would be immediate since we won’t have a Vault to go back to or a Pip-Boy to guide us along. If we find a vault we’re not intrigued by it but are more resentful of the souls safely tucked inside. Maybe we even raid an unopened vault at some point.


I just feel from an emotional standpoint the story might speak to us more if we don’t just see a giant nuclear explosion from the relative safety of a vault, but if we lived through the heat and ash and had to revisit the home we once knew directly after the blow or feel completely and utterly alone as we trudge through the corpse filled streets of our city that was standing mere moments ago. I think there are more angles to that type of storytelling than being a privileged vault dweller. Plus, our character would be much more battle hardened and gritty than any vault dweller could ever dream.

Just a thought.

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