We want gameplay and news, not unverified controversy

fallout 8 - We want gameplay and news, not unverified controversy

Warning: This post is probably Reddit suicide. I know this topic has been shared widely but wanted to talk more about the diverge between YouTube criticism of Bethesda Vs. what the players and fans want.

I follow a wide array of youtube personalities in the Fallout world and really wish that they would be sharing more content and less controversy because that is how the majority of said youtubers pulled me (and many others) into their channels in the first place.

Over the course of the last two months there has been a huge shift where many of the gameplay creators on YouTube for Fallout 76 have decided instead to cover every single controversy with nothing in between, in some cases outright refusing to play the game anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally fine with somebody not wanting to play a game, but it's gotten to the point where Tubers are looking for the next thing to get up in arms about instead of providing the community with what their channel is about.


I also understand that there are a number of content creators out there that provide 'news and updates' as their main stream of videos too. That's fine, but for the love of god at least check to see if it is verify news and provide some background on how it is or is not verified. Y'all aren't journalists, and if you want to be you should really follow those guidelines, otherwise the rest of the community, and Bethesda won't take you seriously. It's the equivalent of a lot of network news shenanigans that we are already subjected to on the daily.

Overall, I'm not saying not to keep the community appraised on bad things happening with Bethesda, but try to remember what you published your channel for and if your content deviates from it, and if the source of that content is verified. It's really easy to reach a large audience today and just the way you say something can deceive a large group of people.


Thanks for your time,

Concerned citizen

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