Weapon Stat Changes (Observed as of April 28)

fallout 5 - Weapon Stat Changes (Observed as of April 28)

Hello everyone,

Recently, I have been investigating various rumors about possible stealth weapon changes, as well as doing my own research. For many months I've been keeping a master spreadsheet of all weapon base damage statistics and as I continue gathering data, I've noticed some changes. (NOTE: I plan to one day release this whole thing to the public, but for now, I still have a lot of work to do on it).

All data has been recorded without perks, buffs, mutations, etc. When it comes to melee weapons, the base damages shown assume 0 and 15 STRENGTH (dividing the 15 STR value by 1.75 lets us find the true base damage without any strength scaling at all, even though it is technically impossible to have 0 strength).

Lastly, this is likely NOT a comprehensive list of all changes. I plan to keep adding to this as I discover more, and as people submit others that they have found.

Listed Changes (Expanded with Real Data)

  • Baseball Grenade damage buffed by from 125 to 175
  • Cultist Blade damage buffed by ~24% and is now slightly stronger than a Machete of equal level without mods.
Weapon (Level 50)Base Damage (0 STR)Base Damage (15 STR)
Cultist Blade (Post-Patch)4172
Machete (Unmodded)4070

NOTE: I only had data for a level 30 cultist blade previously but I was able to reasonably deduce the previous base damage values for the other levels. Based on my assumptions, a 24% increase was consistent.

Unlisted "Stealth" Changes

  • Fire/burn damage is now classified as it's own elemental damage type on the stat screen for certain weapons that inflict fire damage over time. Example:
    nXGbJnF - Weapon Stat Changes (Observed as of April 28)SEE HERE)
    • Exceptions: The Shishkebab and melee weapons with fire damage mods are still displayed as energy damage. Oddly enough, the Flare gun is and has always displayed as Ballistic so who knows what's going on with that thing…
    • The Perfect Storm SMG does not have the new fire damage symbol, however the legendary description states that it does burn damage over time so the symbol would have been redundant
  • Plasma Rifle: New "Pulse Capacitor" mod. It is in the same slot at Prime Capacitors so they aren't compatible with each other. Description states "Decreased damage. Drains enemy power armor batteries".
    • Mod not available on the Enclave Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle (Level 45)Ballistic / Energy
Standard Barrel + Pulse Capacitor29 / 29
Full Auto Barrel + Pulse Capacitor25 / 24
Splitter Barrel + Pulse Capacitor31 / 31
Sniper Barrel + Pulse Capacitor43 / 43
Flamer Barrel + Pulse Capacitor36 / 36

  • Gauss Rifle: ~15% damage buff, now also does a small amount of inherent explosive damage that is boosted by Demo Expert. (Hat tip to u/TheCats76 for finding this).
Gauss RifleNew DamageOld Damage
Level 45161140
Level 45 + Prime Capacitors201175
Level 35144125
Level 35 + Prime Capacitors179156

NOTE: I am making an assumption for the level 35 Prime as I have yet to find one yet. 179 follows the same trend of a 15% increase, same as the other values.

  • Flamer: Base damage adjustments for all mod combinations and the stat screen now displays (3) fire damage to indicate damage over time as mentioned above.
Flamer (Level 45)New DamageOld Damage
Standard Tank + Standard Nozzle36 (3)39
Standard Tank + Compression Nozzle43 (3)40
Standard Tank + Vaporization Nozzle72 (3)48
Napalm Tank + Standard Nozzle72 (3)48
Napalm Tank + Compression Nozzle79 (3)No Data
Napalm Tank + Vaporization Nozzle108 (3)57

NOTE: For reasons I cannot explain, legacy flamers are absolutely devastating now. Words can't do it justice but if you have one, you likely already know what I mean. I'd go so far to say they now give legacy Gatling Plasma's a real run for their money in terms of damage output.

  • Laser Rifle: Base damage adjustments for the automatic barrel, sniper barrel, and increased the damage when combining the prime capacitor with any barrel configuration.
Laser Rifle (Level 45)New DamageOld Damage
Standard Barrel (No Change)4444
Automatic Barrel3941
Sniper Barrel5550
Standard Barrel + Prime5550
Auto + Prime5047
Sniper + Prime6656

Other Possible Changes (Still Investigating)

  • Gatling Laser Charging Barrels: Now do double the base damage of both GL variants. Previously did approximately 1.55x the base damage.
  • Gatling Laser Prime Receiver: Both variants appear to have received a slight damage buff. On a level 45 Ultracite GL I observed 35 damage with the Prime mod, whereas my previous data noted 31. Standard GL now shows 31 compared to 27 previously.

  • Pipe Rifle Receiver Adjustments: My previous data is very limited for these, but I noticed some discrepancies for the Precise .45 Receiver and the Prime Automatic Receiver. I could use some help confirming these possible nerfs.
    • Pipe Rifle Precise .45 Receiver: The base damage for this on a max level Pipe Gun is now 28, whereas I had noted it as 34 previously. Assuming my notes were accurate, this is a 0.83x damage reduction.
    • Pipe Rifle Prime Auto Receiver: Base damage on a max level gun is now 30. Previously I had noted 36. Once again, this would be a 0.83x damage reduction.
    • Pipe Rifle Automatic .38 Receiver: I'm not sure if this is actually new, but I never noticed this receiver before. It's strange because there is already the standard "Automatic Receiver" that uses .38 ammo, whereas this is a separate receiver that does LESS damage. The standard auto receiver does 24, while the automatic .38 receiver does 20 (max level gun). This receiver seems totally pointless from what I can see…

  • Chainsaw is now half decent with the right mods: I believe this has something to do with the new fire damage classification, but with the Flamer mod, the Chainsaw is now decently viable in combat.
    • Personally I also have the Bow Bar (armor penetration) mod equipped as well and have found it do just fine taking out high level humans, scorched, ghouls, etc. It runs into some trouble against beefier enemies like super mutants, but it's a night and day difference compared to how it used to be. I'm open to any feedback or ideas as to what may have changed under the hood.

  • Possible weight adjustments to some weapon mods: I've only noticed a few examples so far, if anyone can confirm, deny, or let me know additional examples, I can add them to the list. Here's a couple that I have observed:
    • Missile Launcher: Triple barrel now weighs less than Quad (unlike before)
    • Lever Action: Long barrel is no longer lighter than the short barrel (I could've sworn it used to be lighter but someone please correct me if I'm imaging that)
    • If anyone has seen any other examples, please let me know!

That's all I've got for now. As I mentioned throughout, any feedback or insight on any of these possible changes is welcome. I will continue investigating these on my end to see what else I can find. If anyone thinks anything else may have changed, please let me know and I'll cross reference my own notes. Hope you guys have found this interesting!

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