Weapons still in bad need of tuning

fallout 6 - Weapons still in bad need of tuning

I originally posted this on the PTS feedback forums, but I might as well put it here too

The weapons we've seen added in both Wastelanders and now Steel Dawn have been very cool, unique, and functional additions to our collective arsenals, but with each weapon added gives rise to one of the oldest concerns many players have had with the game, there's still many weapons entirely lacking purpose in the sandbox

Launcher Weapons are the biggest concern, as the weapons themselves are heavy, cumbersome, and the same goes for the ammo used for them as well, on top of being rather difficult to stock up on. It's also worth mentioning that they are TERRIBLE for their intended use, due to the way durability is calculated in the game, hitting groups of enemies with your explosives will cause your weapons to break LUDICROUSLY fast.

Quick notes for launchers

EVERY launcher currently in the game needs to pack significantly more punch OR have explosive ammo be much lighter and more abundant. (preferably the former)

Launcher weapons also need to be much more sustainable, either by making durability take one tick no matter how many enemies you hit, or by increasing launcher durability as a whole. (preferably both)

I noticed the new Hellstorm launcher seems to benefit from both headshots, and using V.A.T.S. criticals. (I tried testing this with every launcher, the results were more or less inconsistent, but tended to show they have not been revamped in the same fashion. btw I think a damage testing dummy would be a great addition to the game, esp the PTS) updating the other launchers to function similarly would be optimal.

Like every other launcher, the Hellstorm still needs it's damage buffed. also this may be a hot take but I agree with it not being able to be upgraded with a targeting computer, as that helps to keep the original missile launcher from being invalidated.

Now that launchers are out of the way, there's still a few infamously bad weapons that deserve a mention

The Assault Rifle; why? just, why? it has no reason to exist, being completely and entirely invalidated by the Handmade, not only that but for some reason it does even LESS damage per shot (in full auto) than a 10mm SMG. That said, the Handmade rifle is a fine weapon, but this decision has left me scratching my head ever since the beta. in my personal opinion, the assault rifle should be buffed up to handmade standards, or slightly less, while the Handmade is switched to 7.62 ammo (like in Fo4) and (slightly) buffed as well.


The .45 SMG; I'm not even sure what happened here, it's entirely mod availability seems to be completely ripped from Fo4, which is completely inconsistent with every other weapon in Fo76, it's fire rate seems to have been gutted as well, which I found to be strange. Where I would personally put this weapon in terms of viability is simply a bullet hose that spits rare-ish ammo at high damage (but not highest available damage for the .45 caliber). I can't quite place what it is currently in the game, other than just… sad.

This last note isn't actually about any weapon in particular, but rather the lack thereof for auto pistol builds. The options for these builds is extremely limited, and here's hoping they'll fix up the crusader pistol with the full auto mod it's currently lacking. But anyways, this class of weapons is very uniquely terrible, being beat out by automatic rifles in just about any situation, resulting in having the biggest flaw for pistol builds be their lack of a DPS option, the 10mm pistol is ok, but still easily beat out by it's big brother, the 10mm SMG, the pipe pistol is fine only for using cheap ammo to kill trash mobs, but not much else, and any energy weapon (plasma, laser, etc.) seems to just function better as a rifle anyways. There's no exceptional choice of weapon for this build. Here's what I'd personally recommend, a MAC-10 (as LITERALLY displayed on the Guerilla perk cards) with a high rate of fire, decent magazine capacity, and chambered realistically in hard-hitting .45 ACP, this addition should easily make it as a mid to end-game Guerilla build option.

I may have gotten a bit carried away there, but still a big point I think needs to be made here is to not forget about the issues the current sandbox still has, and that while the new weapons are very cool in concept, I don't think they're being executed as powerfully as they should be (the Hellstorm launcher, moreso than the Crusader pistol, but still)

And I just want to end with saying y'all have been putting the game in the right direction since Wastelanders, you could've just let it die, but you didn't, and I respect that, I just hope you guys keep moving forward without forgetting to look back.

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