Weekend After Action Report – Found New Reasons To Play

fallout 6 - Weekend After Action Report - Found New Reasons To Play

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Just a simple weekend AAR from me – most notable being drawn back into the game again. After hitting 160 on my main, the game really reached the peak, there wasn't a lot left to do except grind legendaries which isn't a lot of fun, tried some other spots/events for those but it didn't feel very rewarding. Can't say I have ever gotten a single god roll weapon, or even piece of 3* armor, after all that time playing. Been trading around a bit but its hard when you have nothing great to offer.

Recently met up with a CAMP neighbor, and been joining the same server so our CAMPs spawn next to each other. She has others that join and team up so the server gets pretty busy and there's a good group of players I've met with similar interests – queen fights, CAMP building, etc. I still do my own things a lot but coop PvE and having others to talk to really made the world come alive in a new way – game totally feels a lot more like what MMO should be like. Ended up playing more on my main character than I planned for.

Trying to salvage/change one of my other characters and built an unarmed/non-PA tank as well – its fun learning new things and even with a lot of hours into the game, I'm still discovering different options to try out. The only frustrating part is the journey – leveling up and getting to the point he's close to what I want. Also feeling the pain of armor repairs on a character that doesn't have maxed out White Knight/Fix It Good… that ballistic fiber requirement hits hard at those middle levels (35-50).

Just the highlights for the weekend AAR…


The Good

  • 8 queens killed, 1 fissure nuke launched by me
  • 1 Whitesprings run in a team
  • 7 levels gained (38-45) on my 2nd character
  • Reach lv 165 on my 1st
  • 5-6 new friends added
  • Traded for 2 AA gatlings (for my main when not in PA, and for my 2nd to bring to queen fights later)
  • Found a 1* AA hunting rifle that will work well as a ranged option for my 2nd character

The Bad

  • No notable loot from queen kills/Scorched Earth, no more prime receiver drops so I must have them all learned
  • No notable 2/3* legendaries looted
  • One workshop PvP griefer/exploiter – happened on my 2nd character, guy shows up, hits the workbench, goes for the kill and server hops after that (workshop PvP should be for those actually interested in taking over the workshop, not as a means to get cheap PvP kills – IMO to prevent this, the person taking over should only be allowed to do full PvP damage while inside the takeover zone by the bench unless the owner actually fires back at them)
  • One lvl 8 appearing for one of the queen fights, we still killed her but she took a while to put down that one time
  • Didn't reach lvl 50 on my 2nd character as planned (have a bunch of lvl 50 gear lined up to try out)

The Bugly

  • Loot taking a long time to spawn especially fissure nukes (just rename the event to Spinning Earth!)
  • Server lag persists after queen killed – was trying to gather violet flux and had to wait a few minutes one time before it would even register
  • That 3* legendary alpha mongrel that disappeared and no one could find (again during Scorched Earth)
  • Keeping two weapons of the same type means at times the game will get confused (favorites are bugged post patch 5 if you have two of the same weapon)… I keep 2 gatlings on main, one primed
  • Power armor parts keep not getting equipped when you enter PA (missing a leg, arm, or chest piece or two)
  • Numerous server not responding when I was trying to install repaired mainframe cores in the silo (luckily the server recovered and didn't kick me out)

That's it folks – have a safe journey in your Appalachian travels. Definitely get a mic if you don't have one, and use it – make new friends, game will feel a lot different!

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