Weekly Community Bug Report

fallout 8 - Weekly Community Bug Report

To the community :
The game has been better and better for the last 6 months, Bethesda fixed a huge amount of bugs, and gameplay glitches : Thank you guys working there !
Now whatever you did with the patch 11, old bugs have been pulled back while numerous new ones appeared.

Please have a read at this thread from last month, huge piece of work, https://old.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/c3guuf/unofficial_error_list/, and wich credit goes to u/Blackgemlord. I took the liberty to add some of his here, as they fall into the bugs category.
update : u/Blackgemlord is currently working on an even more complete doc, where he has gathered 200-ish bugs already, so stay tuned.  

Please add your found bugs in the comments. It'll be added to the Edit, then upped to the next week thread. Thank you.

_ Servers crash often.
_ Game AltF4 by itself.
_ The friend list is more bugged than ever. It was already the poorest friend list ingame system I've seen for a long time; now it's just utter broken.
Solution to add friends : exit game entirely, fresh start, add friends from main menu. You can still try ingame if you're feeling lucky, wich you'll be not.
_ I stopped counting the no-message crashes to windows. Game seems to just alt-F4 by itself, no error message, no nothing, just a plain travel back to windows, like you had never started the game.
_ Server getting lagged for no other reason than having players in.
_ Numerous other kind of crashes. If you have experienced one of these crashes , yes, I'm talking about these.


_ Power Armor targeting HUD chain bug. Loop spreads to players, the more NPCs around the worse it freezes the hell out of your game for sometimes more than a minute.
_ Freezes when exiting armor, but still 'playable' aka : Stuck standing still, direction keys not working, only able to draw weapon in and out, and fire it. TP sometimes work, but you'll still be in a stuck state at your arrival point.
Solution : ctrl+alt+del, kill process F/ Alt+F4.
_ The enter/exit animation is sometimes very, very slow, other times incredibly fast, like you had that fast-enter mode for Fallout4 installed on the server lol.
_ Invisible head when exiting the PA.
_ Also, servers crash often.
_ Black screen HUD after teleport. The PA HUD is showing, but world view is black.
Solution : Alt+F4

_ Certain guns (plasma, maybe laser/gamma?) leave corpses as piles of ash or goo, which prevent that mob from respawning until the server resets.
_ The sound stays "caught" permanently in some weapons, especially with fast heavy weapons, you can only get away from the area or leave the server. Still going. Still going. Still going. semifix and Still going.
_ Switching weapons have become really fastidious when you are in combat. Very often you just die because that #@[email protected]@ weapon just couldn't be pulled in time, all because you were still aiming at that mob.
_ Gatling type weaps (maybe other types), just stop shooting for no reason.
_ Explosive Laser Gatling making other players in the vicinity to freeze the hell out of their computers. It's not crashed, but you have to wait like 30s to 1 minute ( yes), and then the game keeps going on like nothing ever happened.
_ Mobs won't sometimes die if you're using VATS, the health bar will sustain a tiny bit of life, preventing it to be killed.
_ Barrels will sometimes show 0 ammos if you try to shot right after reconnecting to the game.
_ Some ammo is not being seen by the weapon even though it is in the inventory. Specifically plasma cores/Gatling laser.
_ Spawns of special foods needed in Arktos project Paradise and depositing of said food super buggy.
_ lagg-o-riffic Bluescreen disconnect.
_ Camera daily quests randomly not working ( to be confirmed)
_ Crafting multiple food soooo laggy
_ Some ammo is not being seen by the weapon even though it is in the inventory.
_ Plasma core used to 99%, then stacked up in the inventory.  


_ Sometimes flies down the map to the limit, where it get stucks there with no hope of return.
_ Sometimes get stuck in the air , but too high to be shoted at. (lol)
_ Sometimes ( seen this 2 times this week), the SBQ turns out to be just a mob, without any stars.
Noticed : if you happen to do some event right after the no-star sbq, you might find some no-stars bosses.
_ Sometimes won't loot nothing, even if you have spent the event shoting the hell at it.
_ The Health bar will sometimes vanish.
_ The damage hits won't sometimes show. Resulting in you doing 0 DPS.

_ There are still weapon mods with attributes and descriptions that do not match.
_ Lost of objects by desynchronization of the server and player. Especially frustrating in usual forced disconnections and falls.
_ There are different minor bugs of textures or mods (like the recent blue camo for power armor).
_ Xbox one : Magazines collecting broken. Happened after the patch .11.
_ PS4 : issue with picking up Artilliary grenades and Vertibot Flares.
_ Game AltF4 by itself again.
_ The hilarious gliding on the floor ghouls in WS.
_ Some players just can't do Arktos Pharma : they get crashed to windows every time.
_ Legendary bosses disapearing into the ground, or just vanishing.
_ Legendary bosses with no stars, no loot – legend mechanic off.
_ Fort Defiance : Moonwalking Ghoul that glitches into the psy hospital's rooms.
_ Grahm suddenly disapearing ( seems to happen when getting stuck by a player's camp element, to be confirmed)
_ weapons disapearing within the inventory, while manipulating/transfering them
_ Invincible mobs
_ Sylo room prep getting loop stuck 30/50/75 %
_ Display bug not showing the correct level when leveling up. FIXED (to be confirmed Not fixed at all).
_ Pip-Boy items getting unsorted.
_ Fluxes disapearing from the bag when your character dies.
_ Servers crash often. _ Game often Alt-F4 by itself.
_ Wood doesn't show up as a resource when in component view in junk inventory.
_ The quick select wheel on PC pops up occasionally for no discernible reason.
_ The fast travel bug needs to be fixed. At times you can not fast travel, even with no enemies near by. There is no timer it just cancels out fast travel.
_ Shooting enemy NPC's immediately make them disappear and they end up being teleported to a nearby location.

Best Regards.

_ not a bug PVP players report it's been nerfed too much.
_ not a bug Hence why we're getting a lot of pvp players on pve, the most trolley of them doing their troll job onto innocent not aware non-pacific players.


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