Weird things in Fallout 4

fallout 3 - Weird things in Fallout 4
  1. Beginning: Wanders around. Punches – not kicks, punches – giant cockroach. Starts coffee cup collection.
  2. I've never seen a mutated cat before. Oh, dogs, plenty of 'em, just not cats. The Institute should have looked into cat radiation resistance.
  3. I'm sorry, explain how the Laser Gatling has recoil. The bloody thing shoots light.
  4. Bulletproof mini-nukes. Though it explodes after being sling-shotted.
  5. Aquaboy perk.
  6. The stealth mechanics. Kills a raider's buddy, raider cautious for one minute, then shrugs it off – must've been a "Must've been the wind" moment they carried over from Skyrim.
  7. Super Mutant fires a billion mini-nukes, but only ever one can be found on it's body.
  8. Synth Brahmin. No, I'm not even going to try to explain this.
  9. Headshots a raider with a baseball bat. Raider stumbles, then continues attacking.
  10. Piles of ash should give you cooked meat. Actually, they shouldn't give you anything at all…
  11. Vertibirds are the flimsiest aircraft I've ever seen. Shot down by raiders with pipe pistols SHAME ON YOU
  12. Legendary stingwing carries a Poisoner's Fat Man. Believable.
  13. Pickpocketing the clothes off people. Or the fusion core out of their power armour (then they take sentry next to their power armour, as if nothing happened)
  14. Pip-Boy never needs recharging. Ever.
  15. The junk jet. As in: it's existence.
  16. Terminals change passwords every time, until you actually unlock them.
  17. Can't reuse bobby pins? I mean, metal is pretty ductile and elastic right?
  18. Scorpions in Boston. Y'know, cos they're found in Boston. Right, you learn something new every day…
  19. Shoots off raider's head. One second later: NOOOO! DON'T DIE ON ME!
  20. 200 years later, surely the isotopes of the bomb would have decayed to something waaaay less harmful?
  21. As again, we can create super sophisticated weapons but can't forge bottlecaps?
  22. So I can create a bed with a blanket *instantly* but can't fix the holes in my roof?
  23. Aliens.
  24. Shot in the face – "Your head is crippled". You don't say, Sherlock.
  25. Prydwen can stay up in the air without fuel.
  26. Mr Gutsy on the Prydwen?!?! Absolutely unacceptable.
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I know Fallout 4 isn't a realistic game. I know that if I want realism, I should probably walk outside. However, I just completed the game and these are all the retrospective factors that I can remember right now about how stupid it's realism is. Conclusion: Was it realistic? Fuck no. Was it worth the money?


Hell yes.

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