“We’re in the endgame now.”

fallout 7 - "We're in the endgame now."

Hello everyone!

I've got something new to share with you. In my latest post I talked about how I reached level 50 and what I set as my new goals. One of them was reaching level 100 over the double EXP weekend.

Was I successful?
4oWBAsi - "We're in the endgame now."

Yes, I absolutely was!

What else have I achieved? Oh, my friends and I killed our first SBQ. But it wasn't our bomb. We're still doing the main story and are currently busy with the Enclave quest. Well, then I think we'll be very soon at the point where we'll launch our own nukes.

My friends achieved similar levels. Leo reached level 80, while Sam got up to 70. How did we do it so fast though, you might wonder?

Another member of our group, Andy, told us about the Glassed Cavern and how many Scorched there waited inside. I thought: "Scorched? Double EXP? Are you kidding? Is this even a question? Yeah, we'll do it!"

The Glassed Cavern was our new destination. But Andy didn't want to ruin our fun with his OP melee build, so we decided that Sam and I alone went inside, while Leo had a little adventure with Andy inside of a nuclear power plant nearby our homes and our farm.

Oh boy.

I wasn't prepared for what was ahead of us. You know, Sam had no build at that time so he was kinda weak against pretty much everything high-level. I was on a good way of finishing my explosive shotgun build. I know, shotguns are not really that great in this game, but I prefer playing not too overpowered, so what gives?

Anyway, while Andy and Sam went to the nuclear power plant, we sneaked inside the Glassed Cavern. I don't know how or why, but our lobby was buggy as hell. Often times enemy groups that spawned were double or even triple the size of normal ones, which happened there as well. Scorched. Scorched everywhere. There was no escape!


It was challenging. Indeed, it was. But we went further and further inside. Though I've got to admit –
it was fun, fighting through it without knowing what was waiting for us.

Andy gave us a warning, without specifically stating what we were running into.

Then we made it to the end. And we found the legendary scorch beast!

We shot everything. Tried everything. During our first time, we still had issues and were not that high leveled. It took us around 15 minutes, until it finally died. But at what cost? Sam died. And her game crashed. She was gone. And I was alone. Did I hesitate? Probably, but I collected all of the ultracite I could find, and went outside again.

It was one hell of an experience. Fighting through an army of scorched, only to fight our first legendary scorch beast at the end. I will not forget one second of it.

Yesterday evening I was alone. My friends were offline, and I still was level 97. I wasn't gonna sleep until I reached 100. So I server hopped and finally found a SQB event. My second one. I focused on fighting the little enemies, protected and revived other players. Afterwards I finally got it done. And dare I say, I'm so proud of myself? After playing for 3 weeks, I reached level 100. My build is finished and my equipment quite decent. And I also built myself a new excavator PA.
edFQJkE - "We're in the endgame now."

Now I've got 4 PAs. Can't believe it.

Now I cannot wait for Wastelanders. I will still continue playing. My friends and I still have lots of things to do, so I guess I can say we're in the endgame now.

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