West Virginia Realtors Part 6: The Savage Divide (Again)

fallout 7 - West Virginia Realtors Part 6: The Savage Divide (Again)

Now that your favorite post-apocalyptic real estate agent is back into the rugged hills of West Virginia, I think a good place to restart the series all over again would be my personal favorite spot in the game; The Savage Divide. This place has it all, beautiful scenery, fantastic natural features, tiny little crevices to hide incriminating evidence, and most importantly the thrill of hiking in Appalachia. If these things don't appeal to you then you might be one of those low life Appalachian estates losers, and at the family friendly business that is West Virginia Realtors we shoot those on sight! Now let’s dive into what the good old Savage Divide has to offer!


There is nothing in the world like the natural beauty to give your new home that extra detail to make it look good. It is also very close to the Purveyor, Wendigo cave, a lead deposit, and two abandoned shacks. In other words you won’t be bored whenever you go out looking for that final screw so you can attach a nuclear bomb to your trusty soup spoon. Or you could spend your free time just staring at the majestic beauty that is the arch. I was so compelled by the beauty of that thing I went to ask this random guy how it got there, and he called me a retard and ran away!

: https://imgur.com/a/j6hrzbf


This is a neat little property, mainly because you can build on top of other peoples failures! Nothing is more American then bulldozing a public camp site to build some useless structure on top of it just because you can! Of course you could be a filthy commie and build right next to the campsite, either way you can still get access to a handy little junk deposit and take dumpster diving to the next level! NOTE: THE BODIES WERE THERE WHEN I ARRIVED, I DID NOT HAVE TO KILL ANYONE THIS TIME. **

: https://imgur.com/a/e4nckKi



Odds are you haven't mutated into some kind of dehydrated raisin, which means you are a slave to the needs of water like the rest of us. Luckily for you fellow drinker of water I have the perfect little spot for you to put a bunch of water purifiers. By the time you're done with this place you'll have enough clean water to break your legs trying to carry it, or you'll have sucked this little lake dry. Another Cool feature of this property is that there is a cave in the side of the lake, although It doesn't seem like you can build inside of it. However with a bit of playing around with the CAMP placement you could probably find some sort of way to get inside.

: https://imgur.com/a/8vZGdE9


You know what I love more than radio towers? A sheer cliff right next to a radio tower, which makes an excellent place to throw people who don't like radio towers for some reason. The great thing about this property is your very close to the Top of the World Ski Resort and the White Springs! You will also have an abandoned campsite you can loot, because if the people who used to live there wanted it then why did they leave it laying around?

: https://imgur.com/a/OXCmCaD


This property is one of the most beautiful in terms of scenery, and just a stone’s throw away from Behemoth Lake! Which means that I am indeed crazy enough to sell you a property right next to where our favorite government put FEV into the water to make everyone Super Mutants! A great opportunity for some target practice, very close to the Enclave bunker and the White Springs, and with plenty of natural beauty to add to its value it is no wonder why I saved the best for last!

: https://imgur.com/a/GyXg3Qk

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