What a great game!

fallout 4 - What a great game!

I know it's got bugs and so on and so fourth, but I just have to raise my hand and complement 76. I have over 1k hours on Fallout 4 and when I originally heard all the criticism and saw the articles, I was nearly not going to buy it, but I have friends who had planned to buy it from six months back who told me very quickly that it was amazing.

After playing it, when googling Fallout 76 news, I've noticed a lot of click-bait articles popping up and encouraging the hate though, so I am now speculating that there may be other forces at play here.


Again, it's only speculation, but I'm wondering if there have been elements of sabotage from rival companies, because the game is just damn good. The idea that a company had the balls to put a single-player rpg online and make it co-op is not something that has really been done before on this scale and i believe speaks the opposite to the narrative out there that 'This company doesn't care about you'. To me it says, 'Let's try something awesome, yeah it's risky, but who cares, if it works it will be amazing!'

Put simply, if you love the Fallout experience and would pretty much like to play Fallout 4 with friends, then this game is amazing and you will love it. Trust this random stranger when i say you won't regret it.

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