What always was bad about Bethesda!

fallout 1 - What always was bad about Bethesda!

Now that Bethesda is down let's talk about the crap that they always have been bad at and pulled on use because modders would fix their games back up to become the playing field we liked.

Here's what I always thought sucked or was even an insult, while I did enjoy the gameplay that open world offered.

  • The technology was never really maintained. They did the bare minimun regarding technical advances – and

  • even less weeding out bugs. There's a ton of bugs and quirks of the engine that were carried from game to game to game where nothing changed.

At this point let us apprecicate again how much money Bethesda has been making with the products.

  • The UI and usuability was always horrible and I thought it was befitting an alpha version and not a release version. I think the games are horribly designed regarding ease of use, the UI often is pretty bad and even the mods can only fix little bits. In all cases, those menus were never pretty and looked more like a Indie-game's "hotfix".

  • Despite modders showing them how to do it better they never got inspired by them but shipped horrible UI after horrible UI.

At this point let us apprecicate again how much money Bethesda has been making with the products. They could have hired a UI designer and some engineer to get this going without making noticeibly less money.

  • The pathfinding of NPCs was always full of glitches.

  • Collision was horrible.

  • AI was always a joke.

  • A lot of the sound design was never impressive to begin. Wanted a cool gunshot? Get a mod!

  • Graphical effects were done and then reused for ten years. That fire effect from flying robots' exhausts? Isn't it enough to do it once for Fallout 3 and never tought it again?

  • Let's come to textures. Those do not need to get updated over the years, right?

  • Let's come to assets: They do get reused from game to game. That the technical advancement does not get reflected in them, nor that one games plays decades before or after the last one. For Bethesda, 25 years after the bombs looks exactly the same as 200 years after.

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At this point let us apprecicate again how much money Bethesda has been making with the products.

  • Bethesdas environmental storytelling, as praised as it is, often only consists of some broken stuff with a lawnchair next to it, then there's a skeleton in it. If you are lucky there is a cheesy written letter to be found, if you are really lucky, you find a long-and-bland audio log.

  • Greys and browns are sufficient as color palette for a game, right?

  • Let us face it: The mainquest was never really good, and many sidequests were neither. Some occasional highs are just that, occasional. Bethesda isn't really good at writing.

  • As for the mainquest and factions: You go to a new faction and one or two little quests later they praise you as The Hero of Everything and make you their king.

  • Balance starts crappy and then matures at the customer. Who cares about beta tests?

  • While we are at it: Design and beta tests are for wussies. How the auto-levelling enemies from Oblivion could make it into the game past the first round of beta testing is a miracle just as how Preston's repeated random-quests survived it in Fallout 4.

  • The humor is often rather blunt and often is just some blabbering NPC.

  • They don't care about their own timelines or those of the ones of their franchise. Super mutants roaming the world 25 years after the bombs, while the big plot of Fallout 1 was super mutants appearing. Years later.

  • While we're at it more on evironmental storytelling: Bethesda sucks utterly at making a location believable. You have a faction (robbers, mutants, whoever) move into a place and they leave the skeletons from years ago in place. I am to believe people live here, but don't more the old trash out? Check out the Church in Fallout 76 where obviously new people moved in, put up barricades, but did not bother to remove the skeletons of the assembled congregation? Bethesdas games are FULL of that crap.

Here's what I think: Bethesda has a product that offers a large sandbox, but they do not care at all about quality, just cramming as much quantity in as possible and call it a day. Repeat two years later for the next installment. They do not care about you. They do not care about the game. They do not care about fps locks, bugs, glitches, story, balance, coolness, anything.

They only, and very much only, only, only care about your money. And they do not even acknowledge that they do have to provide a little bit of quality for that – and with that they are and always have been worse than EA.

It is just that they now happened to lose their mask because they got too arrogant about it.

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