What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

fallout 4 - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

Context: it's been a month since I began to work on a big "lore" video about that theory I have. I'm not good at writing scripts and editing videos tbh and it will be in french at first, so I figured I could post it in english here first.

So here is the whole thing. Possible massive spoilers ahead.

1 – Cults in Appalachia

There are several cult sites in the map, of several types, some of them are dedicated to the mothman, some others to the "Interloper" / "First of the woods", but in my opinion, all these cults are one, a cult with several gods – just like the lovecraftian lore Ug-Qualtoth refers to.

deloNKX - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

Here is the effigy you can find on mothman sites, caracterised by a gas mask (mimicking the eyes if I have to guess). This site is North East of Vault 76 door….And
6pR7Zz2 - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding
the one you can find on interloper sites, caracterised by wood horns. This site is in a church south of Kanawha county cemetary.

There are many other sites (I believe someone on this subreddit already made a post about them) but the basement of the mothman museum
wN2NHLH - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

caught my attention, this looks like a "cene", with the mothman to the right and the interloper to the left gathered around something else

While it looks like the mothman itself care for his believers and requires animal sacrifices at worst, the interloper one is more hardcore, requiring human sacrifices, in all forms, including suicides.In the church near Kanawha county cemetary, you can find glasses and rat poison, some skeletons
ZJngSbc - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

still having their glasses in their hand, indicating a collective suicide occured here a while ago, probably soon before or after the bombs fell, meanwhile
zdDxqYN - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding
giving blood was involved in Lucky Hole mine.The perpetrator of the collective suicide in the church most likely
gfWfHIk - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding
took his own life in a more violent way soon after that.

2 – The Lucky Hole mine

Every lore whore should know by now
Fm7DML3 - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

what we can find at the bottom of the mine. Addtional lore can be find in the computer at the entrance and through notes. What we can conclude with all these elements:
  • The mine was dying long before 2077 (when the bombs fell). When the mine stopped activity, some weirdos started to occupy it and "decorated" the place as it is now afterward.
  • I believe the smugler stash is more recent and not cult related, the note found in the shacks would be just before the scorched plague, and by that time the cult were gone. I would guess they commited massive suicide after the priestess was gone.
  • few months before Vault 76 opens Jeff Lane, a mothman cultist, went to the Lucky Hole mine in a raider PA and made it.

2 very intersting things here in the interloper chamber: the metal faces and the obelisk.

There are several topics on this subreddit about these faces and pretty much everything about them was already covered, I do think their use on other places than Ug-Qualtoth is related, but we'll get onto that later.

This obelisk is very unique in Fallout and indicate a direct connection between what was going on in this mine and the Ug-Qualtoth cult in Fallout 3 & Fallout 4…

As for the "thing" we find, in Lovecraftian mythology that would be a Deep-One:

I think their predominant color was a greyish-green, though they had white bellies. They were mostly shiny and slippery, but the ridges of their backs were scaly. Their forms vaguely suggested the anthropoid, while their heads were the heads of fish, with prodigious bulging eyes that never closed. At the sides of their necks were palpitating gills, and their long paws were webbed. They hopped irregularly, sometimes on two legs and sometimes on four. I was somehow glad that they had no more than four limbs. Their croaking, baying voices, clearly used for articulate speech, held all the dark shades of expression which their staring faces lacked … They were the blasphemous fish-frogs of the nameless design—living and horrible

( The Shadow Over Innsmouth )

3 – The Uq-Qualtoth cult

The same obelisk was found in the basement of Dunwich Borers LLC building in Fallout 3, owned by Richard Dunwich, the brother of Constance Blackhall. Both shared an obsession for the occult, Constance was owning the Krivbeknih before it went missing, in Point Lookout DLC we learn of the Cult of Ug-Qualtoth with the swampfolks.

+ Fallout 4's Dunwich Borers on top of that.

One of their obsession was to find "sacred" buried grounds locations of their cult. Along with where we find some of the metal faces, this heavily indicate the cult is in fact hundred, maybe thousand years old.

4 – Constance Blackhall

Constance lost her husband in 2058, killed by the limit 115 and during the limit 155 outbreak. The limit 155 is a man made virus, designed by the US army, and accidentally released in 2052 when a chinese spy tried to escape with a sample, starting the outbreak. In 2055, West-Tek started researching what would become the FEV while trying to find a cure for the limit 115.


Constance is the ancestor of Obadiah Blackhall (the one we meet in Point Lookout), indicating that in 2058, when she lost her husband, she was already quite old.

When her husband was sick, there was a military dispensary dedicated for the limit 115 in Point Lookout, where she probably bring her husband, it would be possible she learned about the Pan Immunity Virion and West Tek at that point.

We know as well her husband's death lead her to let Isla Negra Holding manage her assets.

5 – Conjecture

I believe at that point she gave her life for the occult, did some rituals and sacrifices, and she heard "the call" that lead her few hundred of miles east, to the Lucky Hole mine. Constance Blackhall is the priestess in the coffin.

That would be the only explanation for the obelisk + the evidences we have for the timeline are concording. The "old lady" mentionned in Lucky Hole mine, Constance, would have come pay a visit around 2060-2065.

My first theory is she told someone of what she found in the mine, the government and/or west tek knew as well, and west tek chose to build a facility near huntersville, so far for the Sierra Army depot, for this very reason.

You see, we know everything about the FEV, his composition, the experiments and modifications we made with, but we doesn't know where this virus comes from. Unlike the limit 115, the Fallout Bible does not say this virus is man made. Just there isn't any explanation.

Regarding what became of Harold (which is no ghoul nor supermutant, he is of his own kind, still according to the falllout bible) and the looking and lore around the Deep One, the chemist workbench with bocals and specimens near the Deep One chamber, Constance fate tied with both limit115 / PIV / FEV, I do believe the roots of the FEV lies in the Deep One (no pun intended).

As for the metalic faces, I do believe the original creators of Fallout were using them as an art deco style in Fallout 1 & 2 to highlight the dystopic aspect of the US and similarities it have in the Fallout world with nazis, but someone in Bethesda decided to use them in an entire new way while introducing the Ug-Qualtoth cult in Fallout 3, hinting a parody of what illuminatis are for some people in our real world (with rituals, sacrifices to the Evil and such, not an expert tho') and what is existing for real in the Fallout universe.

Influent people from big companies (robco, general atomics) and the government knowing each other through the cult of Ug-Qualtoth.

+ in the last patch, this Lewis guy writing the formulas, he makes the same doodles we find in the board near the Deep One chamber, his mother is working at RobCo…

VCoYR8f - What could be the real secret Fallout 76 is hiding

This is from the Fallout Bible, update 9:

You might trip over a few giant tentacular blobs with plans of taking over the world

I think someone in charge of the lore at Bethesda took this very seriously. Or at least I hope so. I would love to fight a Deep One or the counterpart of Chtulu itself after the SBQ :3


Point Lookout – West Virginia , a road not far fetched

Geology and the Civil War in Southwestern Virginia + this= The real life counterpart of the Lucky Hole mine would be in Austinville, Wythe County

The Fallout tribute to the real life story of mount blair

I know for moleminers in Lucky Hole mines, I do not believe they were cultists, I believe, like all other miners of the area, they were contaminated pre war with contaminated cranberry, we know about this fact in Beckley with the story of the 2 food houses

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