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fallout 2 - What do you wish for Fallout 5

Since we won't see another Fallout before 2028 (and that's a conservative estimate) I wanted to discuss with you the things you want for that game. I know that many, many things will be unoriginal and trite when they pop up, but regardless, here's my shopping list:

  • Hand over development to another team. I'm not even asking for Obsidian, just not BethGames, not because I have some kind of unpresidented hate for them, it's just that a fresh hand modelling this mangled piece of clay that is Fallout would be good, in my opinion good candidates would be CDProjektRed, Triternion, 343, Treyarch or even Heavy Iron Studios

  • A new engine: the problem with this one is that to allow modding they would need to develop it in house, but they can certainly do that

  • Give every quest a purpose: I want the line between side and main quest to be more and more blurred, for example: An old lady asks you to find her dog and you refuse and insult her? That lady was the mother of the leader of an important faction, who's now pissed at you. Or even make so that completing some quests could unlock new endings for seemingly unrelated quests

  • Bring back faction reputation and a mute protagonist: this is probably extremely unoriginal, but hey, I wish for that too

  • Better weapon handling: Fallout 4 made a great step forward with the weapon modification system, and I want it back (with some imprivements like for example being able to make vendors mod your gun if you don't wanna take perks for it), but please, make it more realistic, you can't just change a receiver and convert the weapon's calibre. Other than that, I would like the shooting to feel like STALKER or Escape from Tarkov, where you can control everything on the gun, from adjusting the zoom of a scope to changing the fire selector's setting

  • Tactical equipment: Fallout New Vegas had a ton of cool stuff in it, the NCR Ranger masques are a great example, the problem is that they seem to be here just for the looks. Imagine if you could turn the night vision on like you can in Project Nevada, or that gas masques actually protect you from radioactive areas, now that would be great

  • Bring back Damage Threshold and the old skill system: again, extremely unoriginal, but it felt good

  • Improve Power Armor: I personally loved the PA system in Fallout 4, and again I want it back with some improvements, for example, being able to incorporate various types of vision in the helmet, to change the type of power source and make the pieces more energy efficient etc. Also make the stat bonuses of the piwer armor depend on the pieces, not the frame. For example, the Hellfire armor should give much more strenght and protection than the T45 at the cost of more power consumption

  • Couch multiplayer: STOP! Put your knives down and let me explain. I know many like their Fallouts singleplayer especially after 76, but hear me out: what if there was an optional gamemode to split the screen and make a buddy create a character and replace one of your companions? Wouldn't that be great?

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